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Electrical permit (annual or operating)

If your building has a service rated more than 500 KVA, you will need an annual (operating) permit.

An annual permit authorizes the building's owner to maintain all existing operating electrical equipment. It also permits the building's owner to carry out minor electrical work.

Process & timeline

Bring in or mail in the completed application with your payment. Contractors who have made prior arrangements with the City can fax in their applications.


The fee for an annual permit for any one building or site will be as follows:

Item Fee
Total service rating up to and including the first 500 kVA $349.00
For each 10kVA or part thereof exceeding the first 500 kVA $6.90
Maximum fee $4,410.00

You pay for the permit when you apply for it. You can pay by cash, cheque, debit, or credit card.

Electrical Bylaw 11573 to amend the Electrical Bylaw 5563 was enacted by Council on July 26, 2016. These amendments also include new fees as described above.


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