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Election results

Vancouver skyline with caption Official by-election results - Vancouver Votes


These are the official results for the 2017 by-election.

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Total Voting Places Reporting: 53/53

Total Ballots Cast: 48,645

Election Summary


(Vote for 1)
Candidate Party Vote
BREMNER, Hector NPA 13,372
SWANSON, Jean   10,263
FRY, Pete Green Party 9,759
GRAVES, Judy OneCity 6,327
CARDONA, Diego Vision Vancouver 5,411
DUNSDON, Mary Jean "Watermelon" Sensible Vancouver 1,737
LEE, Gary   886
MURPHY, Damian J.   157
WASILENKOFF, Joshua   131


(Vote for 9)
Candidate Party Vote
FRASER, Janet Green Party 27,360
ZAICHKOWSKY, Judy Green Party 23,383
GONZALEZ, Estrellita Green Party 20,307
ALEXANDER, Joy Vision Vancouver 19,709
WONG, Allan Vision Vancouver 18,678
DOMINATO, Lisa  NPA 18,258
BALLANTYNE, Fraser NPA 18,048
BERCIC, Carrie  OneCity 17,822
CLEMENT, Ken Vision Vancouver 17,583
LAMB, Theodora Vision Vancouver 17,204
MCDOWELL, Robert  NPA 17,140
JAAF, Erica OneCity 17,117
LOMBARDI, Mike Vision Vancouver 17,094
RICHARDSON, Christopher NPA 16,839
DAY, Diana COPE 16,683
PRIETO, Julian NPA 16,299
PICK, Adi   10,263
ARNOLD, Christine    9,209
HAMILTON, Jamie Lee IDEA Vancouver 8,590