Clean water


Goal: Vancouver will have the best drinking water of any city in the world

Vancouver residents consume an average of 320 litres of water per day.

That is more than double other similar cities such as Melbourne, London, or Copenhagen, which have per capita consumption rates between 150 and 220 litres per day.

Although total water consumption across residents, commercial businesses and industry has decreased over the last 25 years, there is still a long way to go to live within our means.

Clean water targets

  • Meet or beat the strongest of British Columbian, Canadian, and appropriate international drinking water quality standards and guidelines
  • Reduce per capita water consumption by 33% from 2006 levels

How we measure success

Proxy indicator Baseline  2012  % change 2020 target
Total number of instances of not meeting drinking water quality standards 0 0  0%
Total water consumption per capita  583 L
per person,
per day (2006) 
491 L
per person,
per day
-16% 390 L
per person,
per day

Priority actions and progress

Priority action

% Complete
Jun 2013

Create policy require water metering on all new one- and two-family homes, effective 2012 100%
Expand lawn sprinkling enforcement efforts through dedicated patrol 90%
Develop and implement enhanced water education, incentive, and conservation programs 60%
Continue to expand outdoor public access to drinking water 75%
Eliminate combined sewer overflows from outfalls at Crowe and Burrard Streets 90%
Develop Integrated Rainwater Management plans 5%

Current programs that are helping the City reach these targets

Separating sewage from rainwater

Find out why the City of Vancouver is installing separated sewer lines to replace the combined sewer system.

Metered rates

Find more information about metered rates for water, sewer, and energy. The City has introduced seasonal metered water rates to meet our water conservation goals.

Water meters

Understand how water meters work, and how they work to help us conserve water and increase our clean water supply.

When to water your lawn and garden

Find out when you can water your lawn according to the Vancouver summer watering restrictions.

Ask. Tell. Connect.

Phone 3-1-1 to ask, tell, and connect with the City

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2012-2013 highlight

Since 2006, Vancouver consumes 16% less water

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Drinking water scores

Vancouver's drinking water quality is consistently excellent.

View water quality results by neighbourhood

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