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Green Economy

Our goal: Secure Vancouver’s international reputation as a mecca of green enterprise

Green businesses are more competitive, efficient, and prepared for the future.

Green jobs are growing in Vancouver. Developing our green economy is essential to a healthy and sustainable future.

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Our target: Double the number of green jobs over 2010 levels by 2020
Our target: Double the number of companies that are actively engaged in greening their operations over 2011 levels, by 2020

Progress we've made so far

Green Jobs Chart
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To learn more about this metric, see the 'How We Measure Success' section below.

2015-2020 priority actions

Short-term actions for achieving our goals for 2020.

Our 2014-2015 successes

Recent initiatives that bring us closer to reaching the Green Economy goal.

Launched the Green and Digital Demonstration Program

Engaged businesses in the False Creek Flats

Supported growth in car sharing

How we measure success

The metrics for Green Economy rely on periodic studies looking at green jobs and green businesses within Vancouver.

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