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Boy on shoreline of False Creek in Vancouver

Greenest City goals

The Greenest City Action Plan is divided into 10 goal areas addressing three overarching areas of focus:

  • Zero Carbon
  • Zero Waste
  • Healthy Ecosystems

Goal areas

Each goal area has at least one measurable 2020 target.

Climate and Renewables

We are working to transform our city, and reduce the greenhouse gases we emit as a community, through our building energy use, transportation fuel use, and waste generated.

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Green Buildings

The electricity and natural gas that our buildings use generate the majority of Vancouver's greenhouse gas emissions.

We are working to improve the environmental performance of buildings throughout the city.

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Green Transportation

We aim to improve your quality of life by making Vancouver a city where moving on foot or by bike is safe, convenient, and enjoyable.

Transit should be fast, frequent, reliable, and accessible, and public spaces should be vibrant.

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Zero Waste

Zero waste—diverting waste from the landfill— is critical to solving today's climate crisis.

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Access to Nature

Improving access to green spaces—like parks, community gardens, and greenways—builds the community and improves the health of residents.

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Clean Water

Population growth and climate change will impact our access to water in the future. We are working to help residents and businesses use less water.

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Local Food

A stronger local food system reduces the environmental impact of food production and transportation, and contributes to human health.

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Clean Air

As the city grows, we will continue to generate even more pollution. We are working in partnership with businesses, residents, and other levels of government to achieve our clean air target.

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Green Economy

Green businesses are more competitive, efficient, and prepared for the future.

Green jobs are growing in Vancouver. Developing our green economy is essential to a healthy and sustainable future.

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Lighter Footprint

We all have a role to play in reducing our ecological footprint: the amount of resources we use to meet our community’s needs.

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