Program thermostat details

Three thermostats were selected for the pilot based on their smart, learning, or remote sensing capabilities.

We will do our best to give you your top choice indicated when you applied for the program.

Applications to take part are now closed.


ecobee3 Key features Fun fact Product details

  • Adjusts when sensors notice someone has arrived home or is leaving
  • Reads outdoor temperature
  • Creates an energy profile for your home based on your schedule.
  • Canadian tech company 
  • Honeywell Lyric Key features Fun fact Product details

    • Senses when one or more householder's smartphone moves in or out of a preconfigured zone around the home
    • Takes into account indoor temperature, outdoor humidity, and outdoor weather conditions
    • Pioneer in thermostats 

    Nest Key features Fun fact Product details

    • Learns when you wake up, go to sleep, and leave the house 
    • Tracks the temperatures it's commonly set to 
    • Remembers what range your household prefers  
    • Owned by Google 

     There are a limited number of rebates available for each thermostat. You may be asked to purchase your second-choice thermostat if rebate offers are full for your first choice.

    You will not be eligible for a rebate if you do not purchase the thermostat model you have been selected to use.

    Benefits of using a smart thermostat

    A WiFi-enabled smart thermostat gives you full control to:

    • Optimize your energy use to save money
    • Adjust your home’s temperature from the couch (or the office, school, or the other side of the globe)
    • Pre-heat your house as you head home from work or vacation
    • Manage access to your home’s thermostat
    • Access monthly energy reports to learn about how you are using energy
    • And so much more…