Program details for participants

Thank you for participating in the Smart Thermostat Pilot Program. Your participation in the program will help us in our ongoing efforts towards becoming the greenest city in the world and increasing the energy efficiency of Vancouver's buildings.

This information will help ensure you fulfill all program requirements and receive your rebates.

Where to buy your thermostat

When you are notified that you have been accepted in the pilot program, you will find out which of the three smart thermostats – ecobee3, Honeywell Lyric, or Nest – you are approved to test.

The thermostat is owned by you and provided by the thermostat company. Any problems with the thermostat should be directed to the thermostat company.


You may use the heating contractor who provides annual maintenance on your heating system, or find a contractor:

    How to get your first ($65) rebate

    How to get your second ($60) rebate

    How to send your utility data

    Terms and Conditions

    Review the Terms and Conditions for the pilot program.

    Contact us about the Smart Thermostat Pilot Program

    Terms and conditions