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Smart Thermostat Pilot Program

Smart Thermostat Pilot Program

Benefits of taking part: rebates and more!

We are running a pilot program with Vancity to learn what energy and cost savings can be achieved in single family, duplex, and townhomes by using a smart thermostat.

The pilot study runs from September 2015 to December 2016. It will help us learn:

  • How much energy and greenhouse gas savings smart thermostats can help achieve
  • People's attitudes and adoption of smart thermostats 
  • Types of homes and demographics best suited to realizing the benefits of smart thermostats

Applications to take part are now closed.

What is a smart thermostat?

Smart thermostats can learn from your behaviours or sense when you're home, adjusting temperature accordingly, and automatically allowing you to control the climate of your home remotely.

You can tell a smart thermostat to turn off after you leave the house for work, and then spring back into action in just enough time to make the house nice and toasty or cool and comfortable depending on the season, by the time you to get home.

Program details

Who can take part in the pilot? 

You must be a Vancouver resident with a FortisBC account to be eligible. Select 'Show more' to see all requirements.

What's involved in participating

You will complete two surveys and provide us with your utility billing data over 12 months. Select 'Show more' for details.

Smart thermostat details

Program thermostat details

Find details on the smart thermostat you selected for the pilot program, including links to installation guides and online tutorials.

What you need to know

Program details for participants

Accepted in the pilot? Know how to get your rebates, how to send us your energy use data, and other program details.

Contact us about the Smart Thermostat Pilot Program


Program thermostat detailsProgram details for participants