Zero waste recycle station at outdoor festival in Vancouver

Zero Waste

Our goal: Create zero waste

Zero waste—diverting waste from the landfill— is critical to solving today's climate crisis.

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Our target: Reduce solid waste going to the landfill or incinerator by 50% from 2008 levels

Progress we've made so far

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To learn more about this metric, see the 'How We Measure Success' section below.

2015-2020 priority actions

Short-term actions priorities for achieving our goals for 2020.

Our 2014-2015 successes

Recent initiatives that bring us closer to reaching the Zero Waste goal.

Banned organics from landfill

Expanded range of recyclable materials

Mandated deconstruction and wood waste recycling

How we measure success

The metrics for Zero Waste rely on city and regional waste collection data and models.

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Initiatives helping us reach these goals and targets

Demolition permit

Demolishing a building in Vancouver often requires at least one permit. Find out the requirements for your project, including for reusing and recycling demolition materials.

Food scraps and yard waste

Food isn't garbage. Learn more about food scraps recycling and what other items go in your Green Bin.

Greening your event

Make your event more sustainable with our Green Events Planning Guide. How will you manage garbage and recycling? Hire the City, a business or do it yourself.