False Creek South

False Creek South is one of Vancouver’s pioneering waterfront communities. It is a highly liveable and walkable inner-city neighbourhood with a unique mix of land uses, housing types and tenures, transportation options, urban character, and amenities.

The City of Vancouver, through its Property Endowment Fund, owns 80% of the land in False Creek South. The rest is owned by other levels of government, the Squamish First Nation, or private owners. When the neighbourhood was first built in the 1970s and 1980s, much of the City-owned land was leased to tenants via 60-year ground leases. Most of these leases expire between 2036 and 2046.

Current projects about planning, housing, and land governance

Neighbourhood planning program

We're working on a neighbourhood planning program to guide long-term growth, and developing a resident protection and retention plan.

Leases on City land

We're addressing end-of-lease issues with strata lot leases and exploring models for co-op and non-market housing leases on City-owned land.

As well, we're evaluating options for long-term land governance of City-owned land.

What's happening on these projects

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Neighbourhood planning program

Council approves the Provisional Resident Protection and Retention Plan

This provisional plan is intended to create a safety net that can support resident and community retention in the event of resident displacement triggered by development, redevelopment, or end of lease terms.

Online feedback

We asked for your feedback on the draft planning principles and community vision presented at the March 13 and 14 open houses. Thank you to everyone who participated. Your feedback will be used to help us refine the draft vision and principles further.

Workshop series

We hosted walking tours and themed workshops to inform the first phase of the planning program and focus on developing a vision and community-wide planning principles.

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Leases on City landNeighbourhood planning program