Zoning map for City of Vancouver

View a map of zoning districts

View zones and districts in Vancouver

The City of Vancouver is divided into development zones, and each zone is further divided into districts. 

You can view Vancouver zoning districts two ways:

  1. Click City of Vancouver Zoning Map to view a PDF document in a new window.
  2. Click Find the zone for an address to enter an address in the VanMap application.


Vancouver zoning districts

City of Vancouver Zoning Map (pdf) (1679.07 KB)
Zoning map of Vancouver that shows the various zoning districts that are described in the Zoning & Development Bylaw 3575 district schedules.

Find the zone for an address
Find out what zone an address is in using VanMap. Zoning districts have regulations stating what kind of development is allowed in that area.

Zoning district descriptions
Each City of Vancouver zoning district has a corresponding district schedule in the Zoning & Development Bylaw, which describes the permitted land use and development for the area.

City of Vancouver Zoning Map (pdf)