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Nominate a property, site, or tree for the Heritage Register

If you are a Vancouver resident, you can nominate a building, park, tree, monument, or structure for addition to the Heritage Register. You do not have to be the owner of the property.

However, if you nominate a property, and you are not the owner, the City will consult the owner to find out if they support the nomination.

How the nomination process works

Getting a new site included on the Vancouver Heritage Register is a six-step process:

  1. Submit your nomination to the City.
  2. Your nomination is reviewed by the City's heritage planners, who evaluate the building or other feature, and determine if it complies with the criteria for inclusion.
  3. City planners submit their evaluation to the Vancouver Heritage Commission.
  4. The Vancouver Heritage Commission reviews the heritage planner's evaluation and provides comments to the planner.
  5. If it is agreed that the building or other feature has sufficient heritage value or character, the planner will include this in a report to Council for its consideration.
  6. If Council approves, the Heritage Register is amended to include the building or feature and the owner and Province are both notified.

What you need to know before nominating a site

When you nominate a site to include on the Vancouver Heritage Register, you will be asked to complete a nomination form.

As part of the nomination form, you will need to document the building's construction history, and the history of its ownership and occupation.

If available, you can choose to submit information about any significant people or events connected to the site. This could include biographical information and archival photographs.

Getting started with your nomination

To make the nomination process as easy for you as possible, City staff have compiled a number of research guidelines, tips, and resources that you can use to complete your nomination.

  • Download the nomination form
  • Tools to help you simplify your heritage nomination

    Research guide

    Want to nominate a historic property for heritage protection? Find out how to research that property first.

    Heritage research resources

    Researching a Vancouver heritage property? Here are some of the most helpful resources - libraries, archives, and government sources - for you.

    Heritage terms (glossary)

    Find the most common heritage-related terms used in Vancouver, and their meaning.

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