Restoring streams

Volunteer to help restore streams and perform other creek enhancement work

If improving the sustainability of our local streams is important to you, contact Evergreen , who manages volunteers for these projects.

Vancouver once had a vast network of natural streams and creeks. As the city developed and grew, many streams were buried under pipes, filled in, or diverted.

With the help of volunteers, we rediscover and, if possibe, restore these streams to a more natural state above ground, in a process called daylighting.

Benefits of stream restoration

Recognizing that we live in a dense urban environment, daylighted streams will not function as they originally had before development. But even so, daylighting streams provide:

  • An educational tool for stream and environmental stewardship
  • A symbol of our natural history
  • An aesthetic community amenity
  • Enhancement to our natural environment

Current restoration projects

Still Creek enhancement

Still Creek Enhancement

Still Creek is one of the two remaining visible streams in Vancouver, and the City is working to rehabilitate its natural creekside habitat, and provide recreational opportunities.

Report a spill or leak

Call 3-1-1 to report a spill or leak of oil, chemicals or paint:

  • Into the ocean, or a creek, lake, stream or pond.
  • On the road
  • Entering a sewer or storm drain

They will need your name and daytime phone number, in case further information is needed.