What not to pour down the drain

Report storm drain or catch basin problems, including flooding, to the City.

Whatever goes down the drain directly affects aquatic life, water quality, and the liveability of your neighbourhood. Help protect our waterways by properly disposing of household items.

Compost food scraps instead of using a garburator.

Food scraps: compost them

When food enters the ocean it requires oxygen to decompose. The more food in the ocean, the less oxygen there is available for fish and other organisms.

Instead of using your in-sink garburator, recycle your kitchen scraps with your yard waste for pickup by the City, or purchase your own composter.

Pour cooking grease into a can or carton to solidify, then dispose of it in the garbage.

Cooking grease: put it in the garbage

Grease quickly turns solid within sewer pipes, and can cause blockages that lead to backups and sewer overflows.

Pour hot cooking grease into a tin can or drink carton to cool and solidify before disposing the grease into the garbage.

Return medications to where you bought them to be disposed of.

Medication: return it to the drug store

In many places around the world, trace levels of pharmaceuticals can be found in the water supply. Let’s keep our water clean.

Return old or unwanted medication, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter non-prescription drugs, and herbal medications, to the pharmacy or retailer where you bought them.

Find out where to dispose of paint and other chemicals on the Metro Vancouver Recycles website.

Paint, oil, and other chemicals: find a take-back program

Search the Metro Vancouver Recycles website to find places to safely dispose of paint, oil, batteries, and other household chemical products.

Get recipes for non-toxic alternatives for cleaning products. A good resource is the Recycling Council of BC's Toxic Toolkit.

Ask. Tell. Connect.

Phone 3-1-1 to ask, tell, and connect with the City

Outside Vancouver:

Speak your own language

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Say no to pesticides

Gardening naturally helps to keep pesticides out of Vancouver's waterways.

Rain washes fertilizers and pesticides into Vancouver's waterways. 

Get tips for gardening without chemicals.

Drug-free gardens 

Use a car wash

Washing your car on the street is illegal because it flushes soap and grease into curb drains, polluting our waterways.

Instead, go to a car wash that has special drains or wash your car on unpaved surfaces like gravel driveways or lawns.

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