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Grandview-Woodland Community Plan sets out framework for positive growth over next 30 years

June 27 2016

Commercial Drive

Following a comprehensive public engagement process which included Canada's first Citizens' Assembly for a community plan, the Grandview-Woodland plan is now available for you to review.

The Grandview-Woodland Community Plan sets out a thoughtfully-managed framework for future change and anticipated population growth of about 10,000 people over the next three decades.

The plan protects the heart and soul of the neighbourhood's character, while responding to challenges facing this community and building upon its potential

Over the coming decades, the plan will preserve the independent and eclectic nature of the Commercial Drive and East Hastings shopping streets, as well as protect the apartment stock, heritage buildings, and the social diversity of the area. The goal is for the community to continue to evolve as a mixed-income, socially-sensitive place that is transit-oriented and rich in heritage and culture.

Future change and development in Grandview-Woodland would contribute to the plan's strategy to deliver amenities to benefit the community. Existing facilities and infrastructure will be renewed to address current gaps or community needs resulting from population and job growth. The Grandview-Woodland plan's Public Benefits Strategy is valued at approximately $800 million in investments over the life of the plan.

The plan will be presented to Council for consideration in late July 2016.

Key goals and benefits in the plan

  1. Retain the unique identity and feel of Commercial Drive, while moving it toward being a more "complete street" to meet the needs of all ages, abilities, and modes of travel
  2. Deliver 1,400 new secured market rental homes, 1,400 new non-market homes (social, supportive and co-op housing) and 4,350 units of more affordable ownership options, while preserving the community's existing stocks of affordable market rentals and non-market housing
  3. Maintain a mix of housing types and add more housing suitable for families including townhouses and duplexes
  4. Add 430 new childcare spaces
  5. Improve nine parks and create up to five new or improved public plazas
  6. Renew and expand the Britannia Community Complex, Aboriginal and social facilities, Firehall #9, and the community policing office
  7. Add new job space and housing around the Broadway-Commerical transit station through a mix new building forms that will give more people easy access to the city's busiest transit interchange
  8. Strengthen the local economy by protecting industrial lands and supporting jobs in the retail sector by ensuring commercial vitality and preserving "mom and pop" retail shops within the neighbourhood
  9. Improve walking and cycling routes and improving safety at intersections

Get to know the plan

Learn more about the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan

Open houses

The Grandview-Woodland planning team will be out in the community starting June 29 to meet with citizens to review the plan and answer questions.

Coffee talks

A series of coffee talks (small group chats with the planners) will provide more opportunities for you to come out and discuss the plan. Coffee talks begin the week of July 11 and times and locations will be available on the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan webpage.

What do you think?

After you view the plan summary and documents, share your thoughts with us.

Take the questionnaire

The questionnaire closes on Thursday, July 21.