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Potential work stoppage at Canada Post – What you need to know

June 30 2016


If there is a Canada Post labour disruption and mail delivery service is impacted, there are other options to get your business and communications with the City done.

In the event of a labour disruption:

  • Printed documents that you normally receive from us by mail will not be delivered to you
  • If there are documents or cheques you normally mail to us, we won’t be able to receive or process them until after the labour disruption ends

There are options available, such as choosing to do electronic transactions, or phoning us at 3-1-1 for other alternatives.

Paying the City

Online services provide quick and convenient options for licenses, permits, payments and grants.

You will still be responsible for ensuring your payments are paid to us when they are due.

Property taxes and utility billing

Property taxes and utility billing can be paid:

  • Through online/telephone banking
  • In-person at your bank
  • In-person at City Hall

 Property taxes are due Tuesday, July 5, 2016. If payments and your home owner grant (if eligible) are sent by mail and they do not arrive to us by the due date, a 5% penalty is applied.

Learn more about deadlines and penalties

Home owner grants

Homeowner grant claims may be claimed online or in-person at City Hall.

Tax deferral applications

Tax deferral applications can be received in-person at City Hall.

Bylaw/ parking ticket payments

Bylaw/parking ticket payment amounts and due dates are stated on your notice. You may pay it either:

 Due to the disruption, courtesy reminder notices may not reach you.

Permits and licences: residential parking permits and dog licences

All payments may be dropped off at the City Hall front entrance (12th and Cambie) mail slot.

If you do not receive your:

  • Residential parking permit that you have paid for, we will have your licence plate on record and you will not be ticketed.
  • Dog tags that you have paid for will not be fined.

Most licence renewals can be paid online – and all can be paid in-person.

If you have not received your licence, email licenceoffice@vancouver.ca with the details of your business to get an emailed copy of your licence.

Paying our vendors

The potential postal work stoppage will have no effect on you if you are a vendor that has been setup to be paid by electronic funds transfer (ETF).

If you are a vendor that is paid by cheque, contact our Accounts Payables office at 604-673-8355 to confirm if your cheque is available for pickup. You can pick up your cheque at Revenue Services at City Hall from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Development and rezoning

Find out about development or rezoning applications and notifications

Corresponding with Mayor and Council

Get contact information for Mayor and Council

City of Vancouver Archives

Archive records can be picked up in-person.

Learn more about the Archives and where they are located