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Recycling collection service changes this fall

August 31 2016 MMBC to provide recycling collection starting week of October 3

Recycling boxes and bag

The City is transitioning residential recycling collection to Multi-Material BC (MMBC), with new service providers taking over collection starting the week of October 3. There are minimal changes for Vancouver residents.

Curbside recycling collection for single family homes will be provided by Smithrite Disposal Ltd., under contract to MMBC.

Services for most multi-unit residential buildings will be provided by Waste Management Services Inc. under a similar contract (some smaller buildings, depending on location, may be serviced by Smithrite).

Since May 2014, we have provided residential recycling collection services under contract to MMBC. With this upcoming change, announced in November 2015, MMBC assumes full responsibility for the management of recycling collection.

We and MMBC are committed to ensuring a smooth and seamless transition of service so that you continue to receive high quality recycling services.

What to expect during the transition

Recycling collection day

Most single family homes and duplexes with curbside recycling collection will see no change to their weekly collection day. A new MMBC recycling calendar and guide will be delivered in the first week of October.

A small number of single family homes and some multi-unit residential buildings will see a change in their collection day. These homes and buildings will receive new recycling collection calendars from MMBC in September. You will also be able to confirm your collection timing by entering your address on the RecyclingInBC.ca website External website (select "Vancouver") or in MMBC's app.

Replacement recycling containers

Replacement recycling containers will be available starting in October through MMBC's contractors and will be delivered so you don't have to visit a City location for replacements.

Glass collection boxes and carts

Homes or buildings that don't yet have separate glass collection will receive a new recycling box or designated cart for glass bottles and jars. This completes our roll out of separate glass collection that began in October 2015.


You will no longer be billed for City recycling service on your City utility bill or property taxes starting in 2017 as a result of this transition.

No changes to garbage and green bin collection

There are no changes to City garbage or green bin services and the current City collection calendar remains in effect for those materials.

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