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Submit your photos

Buildings in Grandview on the Drive

Anyone with a Flickr account can participate. It’s easy:

  1. Upload your photos to Flickr.
  2. Join our photo group: City of Vancouver photo of the day group.
  3. Select Add photos.
  4. Select the image you want to share and select Add to group.
  5. Assign a name and add an appropriate description (no more than ten words) to your photo.

Once it is approved by staff, your photo will appear in the group gallery and on the City website.

Photos of anything to do with the City of Vancouver are welcome. Photos are shown on neighbourhood pages, and on specific topic pages – for example, photos of a green gardening event may be shown on a page related to a community gardens project.


The City is looking for photos that fit with the following themes:

  • Neighbourhoods – We’re particularly interested in photos of your neighbourhood, showing the features that make your neighbourhood unique: architecture, gardens, art, people (with their permission), and so on.
  • Scenery – Landscapes, interesting buildings, cityscapes, different seasons – anything that shows off what Vancouver is about.
  • Events – Everyone loves a parade – and photos of it! We want to show off our vibrant city with photos of local events, such as a block party or park picnic, to larger events such as a walk-a-thon or a music festival.

We can only use still photos, and prefer photos in colour.

Submit now

Have your photos featured on the City website by submitting your photos to the City of Vancouver Flickr stream.

Submit your photo