Apply for an artist studio residency in parks and park facilities

The Vancouver Park Board Fieldhouse Studio Program provides studio space to artists with community engaged- and social practices at no charge. In exchange, we ask for 350 hours per year of community-engaged arts practices and projects, working with a range of people and communities. The arts practices and projects should be centered out of the studio, surrounding parks, and adjacent- or partner community centres.

Current status  Applications closed 

Call to artists: Prepare for a 2015 – 2017 fieldhouse artist studio residency

We are looking for artists, artist collectives, and arts organizations working in all disciplines. This includes writers, composers, musicians, poets, choreographers, artists (visual and digital media-, theatre-, environmental-, celebration-, multidisciplinary-, and performing artists), and those with a creative social practice.

Six fieldhouse artist studio residencies are available from February 1, 2015, to December 31, 2017.

Learn how to apply and how our residencies work, below.

How to apply (for reference only)

  1. Read the application information package. (180 KB)

    The package contains:

    • Program description
    • Program objectives
    • Residency specifics
    • Application steps and requirements
    • Guidelines for submitting supporting documents
    • Assessment criteria
    • Checklist of required material for your application
    • Conditions if you, your collective, or your organization are selected
  2. Review current examples of artists working in fieldhouse studios.
  3. Attend the open house and information session.
  4. Send your application. 

How our residencies work

A studio residency is a partnership between the Vancouver Park Board and you or your team.

What the Park Board provides to you

You get:

  • A studio space with kitchen and washroom facilities from February 1, 2015 – December 31, 2017
  • Major physical maintenance of the site (like utilities issues and broken windows)
  • Support from a community arts programmer to:
    • Liaise with neighbouring community centres to develop collaborative projects
    • Liaise on any Park Board citywide arts initiatives (like Vancouver Draw Down and Celebrate Stanley Park 125)
    • Assist with annual planning, review, and evaluation
  • Opportunities to build an increasing network for artists with community engaged- and social practices in Vancouver 
  • A curated and coordinated exhibition "State of the Practice" with associated programming in 2017 to mark the end of the three-year program 
  • Promotion through the Vancouver Park Board, City of Vancouver, and community centre networks

A studio residency offers you the opportunity to:

  • Pursue current art-making directions, and try new things outside the constraints of studio cost
  • Create community arts engagement opportunities for and with neighbourhoods surrounding the community centre
  • Engage, provoke, and grow participation in the arts through imaginative social encounters with the community
  • Increase your skill set by leading classes, workshop, and other outreach programs
  • Pursue your current practices and experiment with new work, free from the financial constraints of maintaining a studio space
  • Develop community-engaged arts- and social practice projects in Vancouver by working for and with the neighborhoods and community centres near your fieldhouse studio
  • Establish yourself in communities, and be productive both in the community and in your own practice
  • Connect with other artists who work in community-engaged arts- and social practices through diverse, citywide Park Board arts projects. Through these connections, we seek to grow this field of creative practices and develop a collegial, discursive network of peers

What you provide in exchange

In exchange for the studio space, you agree to:

  • Have an active presence in the community, regularly working in the studio or surrounding park area
  • Develop creative initiatives with community participants that emphasize social connection, creative expression, and art-making processes – a minimum commitment of 350 hours per year
  • Participate in key community cultural events at Park Board community centres and across the city, determined in collaboration with Park Board liaisons and community centre staff
  • Participate in the closing exhibition "State of the Practice" and its associated programming in 2017
  • Share experiences and learning with other artists, administrators, educators, and scholars that are interested in a community-engaged and social practice
  • Engage in a regular reporting process with Park Board community arts programmer
  • Maintain a project blog for documentation and project marketing that can include videos, journaling, still photography, and more, according to Park Board documentation protocols
  • Share joint copyright of your project documentation with the Vancouver Park Board and City of Vancouver

Contact a community arts programmer about the studio residencies

Cyndy Chwelos

Danita Noyes

Lorrie Wager