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Rugby and cricket games and demos with a licensed area, traditional Coast Salish Slahal games, and tours at HMCS Discovery at Deadman’s Island.



Sportball helps children to develop socially as well as physically, through a curriculum designed to reinforce self-confidence free from the pressure of competition. Come on by our tent where we will play various games throughout the day! 


Power to Be

Power To Be inspires youth and families in need of support to discover their limitless abilities through nature-based programs.  Come on by to find out more information on access services in Vancouver including a hands-on demonstration of adapted activities. 



Speedminton gets everyone off the sidelines and into active play – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Combining the best of tennis, badminton and racquetball/squash, you get speed badminton. This 'addictively fun' game can be played indoors and outdoors, in any wide open space, from an indoor or outdoor court, to sport field, to hard top!  Come on by and give us a try! 



Pedalheads teaches kids aged 2-12 years a 10 level instructional bike safety and skills program. Pedalheads emphasizes 5 learning categories:  safety knowledge, safety skills, trail riding, street riding, and bike maintenance.  Come on by to our tent with your bike & helmet to learn some basics and find out more about our programs! 


Evergreens Rugby

The Evergreens Old Boys Rugby Club, located at the Brockton Oval in the heart of Stanley Park, welcomes everyone from the world of Rugby Union. We have the perfect mix of competition and camaraderie for anyone who wants to partake of over 40’s rugby, both as social touch rugby and full contact competition. Enjoy a fun afternoon with some of the colourful characters who play Over 40s Rugby here in the Pacific Northwest. Organized to accommodate all skill sets from the seasoned veterans to the over 40 guy who would just enjoy a social run. 


Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club 

Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club is an active orienteering club in the Metro Vancouver area.
Orienteering is an exciting sport for all ages and fitness levels that involves reading maps and using a compass to find checkpoints. The best way to get started – come and try it!


Vancouver Rowers Showcase

The Vancouver Rowing Club "Rowers" rugby club was founded in 1908 and has continued its storied history ever since. Vancouver Rowers currently run senior mens, juniors, old boys and mini-rugby sides as part of the British Columbia Rugby Union.  Come on by, bring a chair, and watch our exciting game played with pride! Learn more about our game, rules, objectives, and how to get involved! 


BC Mainland Cricket

Grab a chair, stake out your seats and check out a full Cricket game at Brockton Oval.  Rules of the game, explanation of play and general information will be provided. You can also give Cricket a try in the batting cage located on the lower field at Brockton Point! 



League is an open group of people who gather to play sports and games invented by members of the community. Each game, its equipment, its playing field, and its strategies evolve through trial and improvisation. It’s problem-solving as play. League is a project conceived by Germaine Koh, a Vancouver-based artist and roller derby player. The project is part of the Field House Residency program of the Vancouver Park Board. 


Coast Salish Slahal Game

Join in or watch a traditional Coast Salish Slahal Game at Brockton Point accompanied by drumming and singing where prizes will be awarded. An ancient game also known as a bone game because the bone sets historically used were the shin bones from the foreleg of a deer or other animal.   


Coast Salish Canoe Races

Come and cheer on the racers at Brockton Point that will launch off of Deadman’s Island. Canoes races date back well over a hundred years and provide an opportunity to renew old acquaintances and to make new ones while honouring and affirming the strength, culture and heritage of the Coast Salish People.  

  Irish Sporting and Social Club
The Irish Sporting and Social Club promotes and supports the Gaelic Games of Hurling and Gaelic Football in Greater Vancouver. These exciting sports bear resemblance to many more familiar sports, like hockey, football, soccer & lacrosse, but are unique and enjoyable.  Come on by and check out our game! 

HMCS Discovery Guided Tours

Visit HMCS DISCOVERY and discover Stanley Park's historic Deadman's Island. Guided tours will be available on Sunday, August 25th, from 12:00PM to 7:00PM.  

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