The Outdoor Learning Project at Everett Crowley Park

Everett Crowley Outdoor Learning Project

The Outdoor Learning Project is a partnership between the Park Board, Everett Crowley Park Committee, CityStudio Vancouver, and the SFU Semester in Dialogue that will explore the concepts of outdoor learning in the city. This initiative is supported with the help of the Vancouver Foundation.

Partners will collaborate with the community to build outdoor learning spaces in Everett Crowley Park that enhance the experiences of all park users.

Outdoor learning happens in nature, not indoor classrooms, to reconnect us with the natural world we live in. This way, we become more aware of our ongoing and shifting relationship with nature in the immediate urban environment.

This project gives students the opportunity to co-create learning spaces in Vancouver parks, where teachers and students of all ages can have engaging and meaningful experiences in nature. It will also help us identify other opportunities in Vancouver parks and community centres.

Recent developments with this project

Students to design outdoor classrooms at Vancouver parks and community centres

May 11, 2015 - SFU CityStudio students will complete a seven-week learning journey outdoors in the City of Vancouver. They’ll co-create the design of innovative outdoor classroom infrastructure in Vancouver parks and community centres to facilitate community learning and action that helps create special wild places in the city for all people.

On June 24, join the students on their last day of class to celebrate what they developed and learned. Everyone is invited! Contact for more details.

Celebrate Earth Day at Everett Crowley Park

April 25, 2015 – The Park Board and CityStudio students hosted a table at the Earth Day festivities at Everett Crowley Park. Community members got to learn about the project and how to get involved.


Project activities

Students will: 

  • Learn about the history of, current use for, and future possibilities for outdoor learning in the park through interactive workshops
  • Camp for a few nights
  • Host dialogues and engagement events
  • Engage with community and park users
  • Build temporary and semi-permanent outdoor learning spaces

Why Everett Crowley Park?

The Park Board's Rewilding Vancouver Action Plan identified Everett Crowley as a priority place for biodiversity enhancements and environmental education. It's the second largest park in the city, boasts a large, freshwater wetland (Avalon Pond), and is stewarded by the Everett Crowley Park Committee.

Related Initiatives


Work leading up to this project

The Environmental Education and Stewardship Task Force, a Park Board advisory committee, adopted the Rewilding Vancouver: An Environmental Education and Stewardship Action Plan on July 21, 2014.

The plan has 49 actions for the Park Board and partner organizations to work toward over five years, including to:

  1. Develop and grow informal collaborations like shared stewardship plans, collaborative education plans, access to Park Board infrastructure and assets, funding, and more to support activities at each priority wild place
  2. Explore opportunities to use Park Board infrastructure and staff resources, such as community centres, field houses, and horticulture, arborist, and program staff, to support activities and programs in special wild places
  3. Develop framework agreements for stronger, more formal environmental education and stewardship partnerships between the Park Board and partner organizations


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