Rent the Vancouver Playhouse

Rent the Vancouver Playhouse

At 668 seats, the Vancouver Playhouse is the only proscenium theatre of its size in the City of Vancouver. Detailed rental specifications follow.



  Standard seats Wheelchair seats
Orchestra 487 5
Balcony 181 0
Total 668 5

Seating plan

Rental fees

Rates effective September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017

Rates effective September 1, 2017 – August 31, 2018

Stage floor

  • Edge grain fir (black masonite on top) except stage apron, which is maple
  • Six removable trap sections exist downstage

Stage dimensions

  • Proscenium Opening (Fixed): 47'6" w × 18'7" h (14.78 m × 5.67 m)
  • Curtain Line to Rear Wall: 32'6" (11.13 m)
  • Curtain Line to Orchestra Pit Line: 1'6" (0.457 m)
  • Curtain Line to Front of Apron: 11'6" (3.51 m) with orchestra pit up
  • Centre Stage to Stage Left Wall: 35'8" (9.60 m)
  • Centre Stage to Stage Right Wall: 38' (11.58 m)
  • Free Height Stage Right Wing Space: 45' (13.72 m)
  • Free Height Stage Left Wing Space: 45' (13.72 m)
  • Height Stage Floor to Underside Grid: 45' (13.72 m)

Stage drapes

Main curtain

  • Black velour Mounted within proscenium arch
  • Operates as traveller only. 100% box pleats

Velour stage masking

  • 3 - Pairs Black Legs; 22' high × 12' wide (6.71 m × 3.66 m) non-pleated with bottom chain pocket, equipped with removable return arms)
  • 1 - Pair Black Legs; 22' high × 8' wide (6.71 m × 2.44 m) non-pleated
  • 5 - Black Borders; 8' deep × 56' wide (2.44 m × 17.07 m) non-pleated with bottom pipe pocket
  • 2 - Black Backdrops; 24' high × 32' wide (7.32 m × 9.75 m) non-pleated with bottom pipe pocket


  • 1 - Black; 60' high × 24' wide (18.29 m × 7.32 m) sharkstooth


  • 1 - Off-white sharkstooth scrim with bottom pipe pocket and bounce drop; 24' high × 56' wide (18.29 m × 7.32 m)

Black travellers

  • 2 - full stage two piece travellers mounted on tracks: 20' high × 56' wide (6.1 m × 17.07 m)

Backstage rooms

  • Located one floor below stage
  • 4 - Star dressing rooms
  • 1 - Female chorus dressing room (21 person capacity)
  • 1 - Male chorus dressing room (21 person capacity)
  • All equipped with mirrors, make-up lights, showers, toilets, sinks and costume racks

Recital room

  • Located below auditorium
  • Ready access to backstage dressing rooms and lobby
  • Size: 40' × 42' (12.2 m × 12.8 m)
  • Has small stage 8' deep × 13' wide
  • Functions as rehearsal room with upright piano included
  • Availability subject to prior reservation

Wardrobe room

  • Irons, ironing board, steamer, washer and dryer
  • Located one floor below stage

Green room

  • Adjoins Recital room
  • Ready access to both backstage dressing rooms and lobby
  • Size: 30' × 21' (9.15 m × 6.4 m)
  • Small kitchenette equipped with coffee tables and lounge chairs
  • Availability subject to prior reservation


  • Free Height Stage Right Wing Space: 45' (13.72 m)
  • Free Height Stage Left Wing Space: 45' (13.72 m)
  • Height Stage Floor to Underside Grid: 45' (13.72 m)


Technical data

Access information for loading and unloading, detailed technical specifications, and theatre equipment.

For additional technical information email the Vancouver Playhouse Head Carpenter Rod Laxton at

Specific technical information

Loading area

Stage door / loading dock

  • 649 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2P1

Loading bays

  • 1 bay at right angles for 40' (12.19 m) tractor trailers (if tractor is dropped)

Loading doors

  • 20' wide × 13' high (6.01 m × 3.96 m)

Loading dock

  • 3.5' (1.07 m) high above street level

Dock access to stage

  • Through two large 7' wide × 12' high (1.83 m × 3.66 m) doors, opening onto upper left stage from loading dock on Cambie Street.

Parking restrictions

  • No overnight parking allowed. All trucks must maintain at least 6' clearance from fire exit doors.


Lighting consoles

  • ETC ION dual consoles w/sub wing, full tracking backup
  • 388 dimmer lighting control system in front of house booth
  • 382 - 2.4k dimmers, 6 - 5k dimmers in a dimmer per circuit system
  • All circuits are patchable, in any sequence, to all dimmers
  • DMX-512 protocol

Floor booms


  • 12 - 12' high or 20' high with arms. Availability subject to prior reservation.


  • 1 - "Handy Herman" with 24' (max. height) working platform.


  • All circuits terminate in 20 amp 3 pin twist lock plugs.
  • Sufficient 12/3 cab tire cable, equipped with 3 pin 20 amp twist lock plugs available to service the above electrical equipment.
  • All lamps are 3200 degrees Kelvin colour temperature.
  • A large stock of use roscolux colour filters in cardbord frames is maintained and available for use; however, the theatre does not accept responsibility to meet any particular demands.

Front of house - permanently installed

Projection booth

  • 2 - Xebec 2000 watt zenon follow spots

1st bay (ceiling)

  • 36 - Circuits (Luminaires installed to designer's specifications)

2nd bay (ceiling)

  • 16 - Altman 6", 6" × 16" 750 watt Lekos

3rd bay (ceiling)

  • 16 - Altman 6", 6" × 16" 750 watt Lekos

Balcony rail

  • 9 - S4 575w
  • 2 - 50 amp circuits L & R

Box booms (balcony level)

  • 20 - Niethammer 6" (model HP2-112/115), 15 × 30 1000w variable beam lekos with rotating shutters (7.5" × 7.5" colour frames)

Side house slots

  • 2 - Altman 6", 6" × 16" 750 watt Lekos each side
  • 2 - Niethammer 6" (model HP2-112/115), 15 × 30 1000w variable beam lekos with rotating shutters (7.5" × 7.5" colour frames)

Backstage - house hang

#1 Electric (Pipe 2)

  • #1 House Electric (6 Lekos + 6 Fresnells)
  • 40 - 20 amp circuits (hard wired)

#2 Electric (Pipe 8)

  • #1 Par Pipe
  • 4 - (six light Par bars) Par 64 medium flood lamps

#3 Electric (Pipe 9)

  • Mini Strips

#4 Electric (Pipe 19)

  • #2 Par Pipe
  • 4 - (six light Par bars) Par 64 medium flood lamps

#5 Electric (Pipe 21)

  • #2 House Electric (6 Lekos + 6 Fresnells)
  • 21 - 20 amp circuits in 2 plug boxes

#6 Electric (Pipe 31)

  • #3 Par Pipe
  • 4 - (six light Par bars) Par 64 medium flood lamps

#7 Electric (Pipe 34)

  • #3 House Electric (6 Lekos + 6 Fresnells)
  • 12 - 20 amp circuits in 2 plug boxes

#8 Electric (Pipe 39)

  • Cyclorama Lights
  • 12 - Altman Sky Cyclorama units
  • 12 - 20 amp circuits in 2 plug boxes

Side ladder system (Pipe 40 & 41)

  • 1 - Ladder each side (lighting)
  • 2 - 6 × 12 and 2 - 6 × 9 on each ladder

Proscenium booms

  • 4 - 20 amp circuits each side

Floor pockets

  • 36 - 20 amp circuits


Sound console

  • Yamaha M7CL
  • 24 - input modules (+ 4 stereo)

Central loudspeaker cluster

  • 2 Meyer MSL 2A

L/R loudspeakers

  • 4 Meyer MSL 2A

Surround sound speakers

  • 8 - JB11 model H3-40 (6 below balcony; 2 above)

Portable speakers

  • 4 - EV 1202 Wedge Speakers. Plus assorted other monitor speakers. (Availability subject to prior reservation)

Hearing assist system

  • Sennheiser Infrared Mono-System with 30 receivers available

Audio source / DSP / matrix

  • Richmond Sound Design AudioBox w/SFX

Rack-mounted equalizers

  • 1 - 27 band Klark-Teknik DN 27A graphic
  • 1 - Stereo, 30 band Klark-Teknik DN 30/30


  • Urei 927 (committed to supplementary balcony horn line)


  • 1 - Urei 1176 LN (patchable)
  • 2 - 166A DBX


  • AKG BX10, 2 channel (assignable by rack patching)


  • Two (2) Channel Clear-com to all operating stations with master station at stage manager’s location (down stage right). Portable stations are available.

Paging and program

  • Complete program interrupt system to lobbies, dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, wardrobe room, hallways etc. from stage manager station down stage right.

Microphone lines

  • 19 - Upstage left wall
  • 2 - Downstage left
  • 2 - Downstage right (plus 2 line sends)
  • 2 - Sound room
  • 2 - Announce booth
  • 1 - Radio room
  • 1 - Projection booth
  • All microphone lines terminate on stage to 3 pin XLR connectors

Internal telephone

Aiphone system to all operating stations including main lobby, with master station at stage manager’s location (down stage right).

Speaker lines

  • 6 - FOH ceiling catwalk left
  • 6 - FOH ceiling catwalk right
  • 10 - upstage left wall
  • 2 - upstage right wall

Ceiling lines exist to allow temporary wiring to surround /"effect" speaker positions in the auditorium. All speakers in the theatre, except for main cluster system, are on an 8 ohm line. All monitor lines terminate on stage to 3 pin "P" type connectors.


  • 1 - Electrovoice RE11
  • 4 - Electrovoice RE10
  • 1 - RE15
  • 8 - Shure SM58
  • 4 - Shure SM57
  • 6 - AKG 451/CK1 with 10dB pad
  • 4 - AKG CKE shotgun adapters
  • 6 - Neumann KM184


Assortment of stands, cables, splitter boxes, 2 premixers, direct boxes, adapters, etc.

Note: Availability of above subject to prior reservation.

Supplementary equipment


  • Complement consists of 8 - 4" × 8" (1.22 m × 2.44 m) sections. Sections available in 8" (20.32 cm), 16" (40.64 cm) and 24" (60.96 cm)heights. Additional smaller sections also available.

Get-away stairs

  • 4 - 16" high (2 @ 2' wide, 2 @ 4' wide)

Speaker’s floor lectern

  • 1 - 3' high × 2' wide; can be equipped with reading lamp and microphone mount.

Conductor’s podium

  • 1 - 12" high

Music stands

  • 80 - Manhasset Model; available with lights


  • 100 - black musician chairs with padded seats and backs
  • 200 brown chairs not padded
  • 120 burgundy chairs with padded seats and backs


  • 1 Steinway 9' (2.74m) Grand Model D (tuning cost payable by licensee)
  • 1 Yamaha Model WX15 (48" tall)

Note: The above equipment is shared between two theatres and is subject to prior reservation.

Terms and conditions

Parking restrictions

No overnight parking allowed.

All trucks must maintain at least a 6-foot clearance from fire exit doors.

Time allowance

Standard rental time allowance is not to exceed five hours. This includes one hour before curtain time.

Up to five hours on the day of the event is included for taking-in, set-up, or onstage rehearsal at no additional charge, subject to availability. Any additional stage use will be invoiced at an hourly rate of $330 per hour.

When a performance continues beyond the five hours, you will be subject to additional rental fees of 20% of the evening performance rental fee.

Stage use

If stage use interferes with another event being scheduled, rental rates may apply.

Backstage room use

At the discretion of the director, a licensee may use the rehearsal room, recital hall, and green room leading up to and during the performance.

Any additional costs arising from this room use by the licensee – such as stage crew, stage door attendants, or building service workers – will be charged to the licensee. 

Stage crew

A stage carpenter and lighting console operator are provided for the event for up to eight hours in any one day (included in the rental). Any extra time is chargeable to the licensee.

All other stage crew services are subject to fees and are to be paid at the time of performance to IATSE Local 118.

First aid attendant

British Columbia Workers' Compensation Board regulations require the presence of an Occupational First Aid Attendant, Level II, whenever the employer's workforce exceeds 50 people.


At the discretion of the director, some licensees may be required to give a damage deposit of at least $2,000 and provide security personnel (defined as uniformed police or licensed security firm personnel). 

Facility fee 

To support Civic Theatres capital improvements, a facility fee will be applied per ticket or per person for events that aren't ticketed. See the Seating and fees tab for the fee amount.

Where a grant in lieu of rent is given by City Council, the grant cannot be applied to the facility fee.

The facility fee may be applied to events of any kind where there is no price attached to the ticket, or where there are no ticket sales, such as meetings, church services, lectures, presentations, and graduations. It will be pre-collected prior to the event, based on an estimated attendance count as stated on Schedule A of the Theatre License Agreement.

A limit of up to 10% of the total number of tickets taken at the door may be complimentary and exempt from the facility fee.

All tickets must have a printed price and complimentary tickets must be stamped accordingly. If tickets are not stamped as complimentary, they will be counted as regular tickets for the purpose of assessing the facility fee.

The facility fee is collected at:

  • Commercial box offices (Ticketmaster, Tickets Tonight), where it is collected per ticket sold and remitted
  • All other events, where it is pre-collected before the event based on an estimated attendance count as stated in Schedule A of the Theatre License Agreement

This fee is subject to change without notice.

Ticketing policy

All audience members are required to have a ticket, including children, regardless of the child’s age. All tickets must have a printed price and complimentary tickets must be stamped accordingly.

Rental deposit

A non-refundable, non-transferrable rental deposit of $1029 plus tax per performance period or setup day is required.

The rental deposit is non-refundable, non-transferable and subject to applicable taxes.

In the event of cancellation, if the theatre is subsequently rented by another licensee on the same date, 50% of the deposit may be refunded at the discretion of the director.

The deposit can be paid by cheque, bank draft or major credit card.

The City of Vancouver charges a $20 administrative fee for cheques presented in payment but returned as non-negotiable.

Mandatory insurance

  • A certificate of Public Liability Insurance
  • A certificate of Property Damage Insurance
  • Minimum coverage of $5 million per event
  • List the City of Vancouver as the additional insured
  • Insurance can be arranged with the theatre staff

Special setup charges

We reserve the right to make additional charges for special seat setups, stage, electrical, audio or utility services, including performance recordings.

Electronic tape or broadcast

Television and radio broadcasts are permitted by prior arrangement only.

We reserve the right to charge a fee for this service.

There is a separate payment of $1,500 per event for rights to record a stage event for commercial purposes.

The licensee must inform patrons - at the time of their ticket purchase - of the intent to record the performance.

Film and photo shoots

The fee for video, film and photo shoots is $1,975.

The fee during irregular hours is $330 per hour.

Additional fees apply when large groups are involved in film shoots.

Additional fees may apply for staff and crew costs (with a four hour minimum).

Temporary seating

The director may permit additional temporary seating, with the setup and take down fees at the licensee's expense.

The number of seats added is subject to the approval of the Vancouver Fire Department.


All listed rates and fees are subject to taxes applicable to venue rentals.

Use of hazardous materials in Vancouver Civic Theatres

Substance regulations

Government of Canada legislation requires that the use of "controlled" products in our theatres shall comply with the rules under WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System). Controlled products include:

  • Compressed Gas
  • Flammable and Combustible Material
  • Oxidizing Material
  • Poisonous and Infectious Material
  • Corrosive Material
  • Dangerously Reactive Material

WHMIS regulations require that:

  • Anyone using controlled products in the workplace must be informed as to its safe storage, handling, use, and disposal.
  • All containers of controlled products must have warning labels attached that meet regulation requirements.
  • A MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for any controlled product must be available and be maintained in the immediate work area.

Some substances such as explosives, radioactive materials, and tobacco are covered under separate regulations. Smoking in our theatres, for example, is restricted under our Civic Bylaws to designated areas only within our building perimeter.

Occupational health and safety regulations

Asbestos in the workplace

Government of British Columbia legislation and regulations prohibit the use of asbestos materials in the workplace where such use would have the potential risk that asbestos particles could be inhaled into workers’ lungs.

The authority for the establishment of the Industrial Health & Safety Regulations is found in Section 71(1) of the Workers’ Compensation Act. Further, Section 75(2) of the Act states: "Every person who contravenes or fails to comply with a regulation or order under Section 71 commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000, or to imprisonment not exceeding 3 months, or to both." [This amount has changed with the addition of C.P.I. increases over the years and now is roughly $32,000 (January 1992).]

These regulations, in particular, prohibit the use of asbestos cloth and asbestos covered electrical cords including lamp extensions on stage lighting equipment.

In order to fully comply with these regulations, such hazardous materials shall not, under any circumstances, be admitted onto the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Orpheum, or Vancouver Playhouse premises.

Please advise your appropriate technical staff and/or equipment rental companies of the above, and make them aware of the severe government penalties involved for failure to comply.

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