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Temporary housing at 1335 Howe Street

1335 Howe Street

On September 24, 2014, the City of Vancouver added another important piece to its strategy to end street homelessness with the addition of 157 new units of temporary housing at 1335 Howe Street.

The City of Vancouver, in partnership with the Community Builders Foundation, will operate this temporary housing at the former Quality Inn in Downtown Vancouver. These units are available to street and sheltered homeless people who require support services in safe and affordable accommodation.

Recent developments with this project

Community dialogue session

October 29, 2014 - The City hosted a community dialogue session to discuss temporary housing at 1335 Howe Street and the nearby temporary winter shelter at 900 Pacific Street.

At the session residents told staff and our partners about their concerns, comments and ideas for how we can ensure the best possible outcomes for both the tenants of 1335 Howe Street and the surrounding community.

Information gained from this meeting will be considered in the development of the draft Operations Management Plan and Community Advisory Committee for the temporary housing at 1335 Howe Street.

Apply to live here

October 29, 2014 - Applications are now being accepted for spaces in these units. To learn how to apply and get an application form, contact:

Carnegie Outreach
Phone: 604-968-1825
Email: interim.housing@vancouver.ca

We encourage you to ask a community advocate, shelter staffer, support worker, or housing outreach worker to help you fill out your application.

See the 'Details' tab for a list of agencies that can help you apply.

Project details


Applications for initial tenanting close on November 7, 2014

Temporary housing details


Tenants are low-income adults that require support services to maintain successful tenancies, and:

  • Are street- and sheltered homeless, or at risk of homelessness
  • May have mental health and physical disabilities
  • Need safe affordable housing

Special attention is paid to women, persons with disabilities, and Aboriginal groups.

Housing description

1335 Howe Street is a seven-storey building located in downtown Vancouver. The building has been leased by the City of Vancouver for two years to provide much needed temporary housing. It includes 157 rooms, each furnished with a bed and full bathroom, microwave, and fridge. A very small number of rooms are double occupancy and available to couples. Anticipated amenities include a light daily breakfast and supper, shared common space, community garden, community kitchen, and laundry facilities.

Support services

24-hour staffing provides support with:

  • Life skills
  • On-site health- and mental health service access
  • Employment preparation
  • Hoarding disorder management
  • Appointment reminders
  • Information and referrals
  • Tenant leadership opportunities
  • Assistance accessing addictions services


The City has selected the Community Builders Foundation as the operator of 1335 Howe Street. Community Builders has extensive experience working with government and private residential buildings serving low-income and homeless individuals by providing cost-effective supportive housing. 

Apply to live here

For information on how to apply, and to get an application form, please contact:

Carnegie Outreach
Phone: 604-968-1825
Email:  interim.housing@vancouver.ca

You are encouraged to have a community advocate, shelter staff, support worker, or housing outreach worker help you fill out the application.

These agencies can help you apply:

Homeless outreach programs  

Vancouver neighbourhood Provider Contact
Collingwood Collingwood Neighbourhood House 604-435-0323
Downtown Coast Foundation 604-562-3221
DTES Atira Women's Resource Society 604-331-1407
Grandview The Kettle 604-251-2801
Kitsilano MPA Society 604-482-3700
Mt. Pleasant Vancouver Recovery Club 604-708-9955
Vancouver-wide Vancouver Aboriginal Transformative Justice Services 604-251-7200

Emergency shelters

Shelter name Street address Contact
Catholic Charities Men's Hostel 828 Cambie Street 604-443-3292
Convenant House 525 Drake Street 604-685-7474
Downtown Eastside Women's Centre 412 Cordova Street 604-715-8480
Union Gospel Mission 601 E Hastings Street 604-253-3323
Yukon Shelter - Lookout Emergency Aid Society 2088 Yukon Street 604-264-1680
Lookout Al Mitchell Shelter - Lookout Emergency Aid Society 346 Alexander Street 604-681-9126
Springhouse - The Bloom Group 604-606-0415
Powell Place - The Bloom Group 604-606-0400
The Umbrella - The Bloom Group 604-684-1911
Belkin House - Salvation Army 555 Homer Street 604-681-3405
The Haven - Salvation Army 128 East Cordova Street

(night: 604-646-6806)

The Beacon - Salvation Army 136 East Cordova Street 604-646-6846
Crosswalk - Salvation Army 136 East Cordova Street 604-669-4349
Vi Fineday Family Shelter 604-736-2423
Triage Shelter - RainCity Housing and Support Society 707 Powell Street 604-254-3700
WISH Drop in Centre 604-669-9474
Stanley New Fountain Shelter
Portland Hotel Society
51B W Cordova Street 604-331-1246
Aboriginal Central Street Shelter
Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society
201 Central Street 604-720-9761
First United Church Refuge
First United Church
320 Hastings Street



The Housing and Homelessness Strategy lays out the City's overall direction for housing. The strategy identifies the different kinds of housing necessary to meet the needs of all our residents, as well as ways to improve and preserve the housing we already have.