In Memoriam

The Vancouver Police Department has been in existence since 1886. During our history sixteen members have been killed in the line of duty.

Every day, the men and women of the Vancouver Police Department put their lives on the line. Each day could be their last, but danger is an accepted part of police work everywhere.

Please visit the Vancouver Police Museum website for full profiles of the valiant men who have given their lives in service to the city of Vancouver.

VPD Memorial Poster

Killed in the Line of Duty

Sergeant Larry Young
February 2, 1987

Constable Paul Sanghera
January 8, 1982

Constable Larry Esau
June 29, 1966

Reserve Inspector Arthur Trentham
September 16, 1963

Detective Lawrence Short
February 9, 1962

Constable Gordon Sinclair
December 7, 1955

Constable Oliver Ledingham
February 26, 1947

Constable Charles Boyes
February 26, 1947

Constable Joseph Reilly
December 23, 1932

Constable Ernest Sargent
November 10, 1927

Constable Robert McBeath V.C.
October 9, 1922 (see Marine Unit for information on the VPD's aluminum Patrol Boat, the R.G. McBeath)

Chief Constable Malcolm MacLennan
March 20, 1917

Detective Richard Levis
August 29, 1914

Constable John McMenomy
November 1, 1913

Constable James Archibald
May 28, 1913

Constable Lewis Byers
March 25, 1912

Video: Police and Peace Officers' Memorial

Police Dogs In Memoriam

View a web page dedicated to the memory of VPD police dogs killed in action or who have since passed on.

Larry Young Memorial Run

The Larry Young Memorial Run takes places every June to raise money for a scholarship in Sergeant Young's name.

Find more information here.