2012-2016 Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning

2012-2016 Strategic Plan

The Vancouver Police Department 2012-2016 Strategic Plan (PDF) helps us set our priorities and explain to others how we intend to work towards making Vancouver the safest major city in Canada.

Our plan promises Vancouver residents that by 2016 we will:

  • reduce property crime by 25%
  • reduce violent crime by 12.5%
  • disrupt organized crime groups
  • combat low-level crimes and problems that impact perceptions of neighbourhood safety
  • reduce motor vehicle collisions that result in injury or death by 12.5%

Summary of Our Goals

We will engage in multiple operational strategies, and involve key stakeholders, in an effort to achieve our goals. Further, in support of those strategies, the VPD will strive to:

  • develop and maintain positive working relationships, including sharing information, within the VPD and with stakeholder agencies in the community
  • provide public educational outreach on policing and police related issues
  • provide socially responsible programs and initiatives that benefit youth
  • manage resources in an environmentally sustainable manner
  • encourage and support career development and succession planning for all staff
  • ensure that the VPD has the human resources and training needed to meet objectives
  • support and foster employee wellness
  • develop and implement initiatives that streamline administrative process
  • research, acquire and utilize the best technology and infrastructure to assist officers in the investigation and enforcement of crime

The Vancouver Police Department encourages the public to become familiar with the entire Strategic Plan, available in PDF format. Our plan will guide decision making over the next five years and provide direction for annual business plans and budgets.

Annual Business Plan

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VPD Planning, Research & Audit Section

See the Planning, Research & Audit Section for additional information on policy analysis, program evaluation, strategic planning and research.

Strategic Plan