Sister Watch

Women in the Downtown Eastside are particularly vulnerable to violence, injury and death. Crime statistics for this area of the city have never truly reflected the danger and jeopardy facing the women who live there. Whether the cause is fear of reprisals or general distrust of authority, women have been traditionally reluctant to report crimes against themselves and others. The SisterWatch Project is a multi-faceted operation designed to combat violence against women in the Downtown Eastside and make the community safer for everyone who lives and works there.

Media Releases

December 5, 2013 - Project Rescue: Two Men Sentenced Media Release

September 29, 2011 - Martin Tremblay is charged with seven new offences. Media Release

April 26, 2011 - The video SisterWatch - A Shift in Thinking is released, showing the effect the initiative has already had in the community.

February 11, 2011 - Vancouver Police announce further arrests. Media Release

January 27, 2011 - Vancouver Police have made significant arrests in two projects aimed at making life safer in the Downtown Eastside. Media Release

The SisterWatch Reward

A reward, dubbed the SisterWatch Reward, for any information concerning the tragic sudden death of Ashley Machiskinic, who fell from a window of a hotel on Hastings Street on September 15th, 2010. The reward will be up to $10,000 for information that proves conclusively how and why Ms. Machiskinic fell from the window.  The Vancouver Police Board approved the reward in the belief that it would prompt individuals to come forward with any relevant information.

The SisterWatch Tip Line
(604) 215-4777

A special telephone hotline has been established, staffed by civilian women who are trained professionals in assisting callers who may be distraught, nervous or afraid. Anyone with information about crimes against women, information about the death of Ashley Machiskinic, or any other matter affecting the safety of those in the Downtown Eastside, is encouraged to call the Sister Watch Tip Line.

SisterWatch Town Halls

There will be regular community gatherings sponsored by the Vancouver Police where residents will be encouraged to share their concerns. The Vancouver Police commits to regular meetings under the SisterWatch Project to help keep the residents informed about police progress in the investigation of crimes and advances in community safety.

The SisterWatch Website

News related to the SisterWatch Project, along with other helpful information, will be posted on our website and can be found on our home page at www.vpd.ca. The SisterWatch Project site will also include input from women in the Downtown Eastside who share their stories.

The SisterWatch Speakers’ Bureau

A group of Vancouver Police women have agreed to join a VPD women’s speakers group to speak publicly to groups on issues of personal safety and other matters of interest to women. Bookings can be arranged through the SisterWatch website.

SisterWatch in the News

* All @Vancouver Sun and @The Province articles posted with permission.

Sister Watch

Town Hall Meetings

Check here soon for the date of the next Town Hall meeting.

Speakers' Bureau

If you are looking for information on personal safety, the Vancouver Police Department has several female police officers who can speak to your group or organization.

Speakers from the community will also be available as we receive their biographies.

Cst. Shelley Horne
Cst. Jodyne Keller
Cst. Lisa Kofod

Cst. Linda Malcolm
Insp. Marcie Flamand
Insp. Joanne Boyle

Please email your request to vpd@vpd.ca.

$10,000 Reward

Investigators are looking for any information concerning the death of Ashley Machiskinic.

SisterWatch Committee Reports

Hear Their Stories

Women in the Downtown Eastside and their families share their stories.

Community Safety Award

SisterWatch wins Crime Prevention Award 

The SisterWatch Project Committee won a Crime Prevention and Community Safety Award from the Ministry of Justice in 2012.