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Motorcycle Drill Team

The Motorcycle Drill Team is the Department's premier Escort Unit and provides VIP motorcade escorts in the Lower Mainland, working in conjunction with the RCMP Protective Services Section. The VPD Motorcycle Drill Team has been rated as Canada's foremost Escort Unit, safely and efficiently escorting many dignitaries from around the world and earning praise from security services worldwide.

Established in 1954 by Sgt. "Cookie" Ryan and the members of the Traffic Section, the Motorcycle Drill Team today is known widely across Canada. The Team has entertained and thrilled thousands of people throughout B.C. and as far away as Calgary, Vancouver Island, and Palm Springs, performing a series of manoeuvres that demonstrate riding skills and machine capabilities. Collision avoidance, tight radius turns, hard acceleration, and braking are all included in the set of 17 manoeuvres.

Employing Harley Davidson Road King motorcycles exclusively, the Team is comprised of 15 active members of the Vancouver Police Department, including inspectors, sergeants and constables from the Traffic Enforcement Unit, as well as a Liaison NCO.

Vancouver motorcycle officers ride 12 months of the year in their regular enforcement duties. Drill Team activities are separate from their regular duties and members join the Drill Team on a voluntary basis.

The Team practices weekly throughout the drill season, which begins in March and ends in September. Each year, the Team participates in approximately 12 parades in the Vancouver area and other venues in the Pacific Rim. Recent performances include Point Grey Fiesta Days, the West Seattle Seafair Parade, North Vancouver Canada Day, Penticton Peach Festival and numerous parades located in Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island communities.

The Team also involves itself in community service and charity fundraising events whenever possible, participating in events such as Kops for Kids, the Music Therapy Ride, the Ride to Live and the 9-1-1 Memorial Ride.

2015 Team

  • Staff Sergeant Ken Eng
  • Sergeant Jack Sarna
  • Riding Corporal Adrian Thomson
  • Constable Michael Bains
  • Constable Dale Hemm
  • Constable David Nikkel
  • Constable Mike Keller
  • Constable James Bell
  • Constable Grant Winterburn
  • Constable Don Johnson
  • Constable John Wrigglesworth
  • Constable Wayne Sherris
  • Constable Greg Fodor
  • Constable Darren Villars
  • Constable Peter Hooper
  • Constable Doug Knight

In the Community

Since 1954, the Vancouver Police Motorcycle Drill Team has reached out to people in communities and has entertained children and adults with exciting displays of riding precision.

As goodwill ambassadors of the City of Vancouver, the Drill Team has strived to show the personal side of policing and has involved itself in a number of fundraising and charity events including KOPS for Kids.

KOPS for Kids

KOPS for Kids is a fundraising event that raises money for inner city children.  The funds are distributed by school liaison officers to needy kids and all proceeds go directly to the schools. Tax receipts are available. For further information about KOPS for Kids or other fundraising events, please send an email to adrian.thomson@vpd.ca or call (604) 717-6819.

Motorcade Escorts

The team also provides VIP motorcycle escorts while working closely with the RCMP Protective Services Section. The Drill Team is the official motorcycle escort unit of The Vancouver Police Department.

The VPD Motorcycle Drill Team has been rated as Canada's foremost Escort Team and has escorted numerous heads of state, dignitaries, and members of royalty from around the world.

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Broken Wing

Broken Wing Award

The Broken Wing is an award instituted by the team in 1971. It is not what you would call a prized decoration; the wings are presented to any team member who falls during a performance.

The initials IFO inscribed on the badge stand for I Fell Off, while the broken wing symbolizes the accident. The unfortunate member wears it until he or she can pass it on to the next person who has a stroke of bad luck.