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Sergeant Randy FinchamSergeant Randy Fincham

Sergeant Fincham was born in Burnaby and raised in Richmond. Following high school, he attended Kwantlen College and Simon Fraser University, where he obtained a certificate in criminology.

Randy joined the Vancouver Police Department in September of 1997. He began his career in District One, the West End and central business district. He was a bicycle patrol officer, a member of the Crowd Control Unit and a Field Trainer.

In July of 2002, Randy was selected for the Emergency Response Team, where he was responsible for developing, briefing and executing operational plans to resolve critical incidents. During his time in ERT, he was an instructor and mentored members of the Vancouver Police Department and other municipal police agencies at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. While with the Emergency Response Team, he received a Chief Constables Unit Citation.

In 2008, Randy went back to patrol, working in District Three, the southeast area of Vancouver. He joined the Robbery / Assault / Arson Unit in March 2009.

In October of 2009, Randy was seconded to the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit (ISU) as a Team Commander, where he was responsible for supervising the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay Security Team during the Olympic Torch’s 45,000 kilometre journey across Canada.

Following the Olympics, in February of 2010, Randy returned to an investigative role with the Major Crime Section, where he continued to coach and mentor fellow officers as an investigator and acting sergeant.

Randy was promoted to the rank of sergeant in June 2011 and worked in District Three, before joining the Community & Public Affairs Section as a Media Spokesperson in July 2012.

In his spare time, Randy has been an active member of the Vancouver Police Soccer and Service Club for 14 years, playing soccer and organizing resources, planning finances, coaching and delivering community programs.

Constable Brian MontagueConstable Brian Montague

Born and raised in Vancouver, Constable Brian Montague joined the Vancouver Police Department in March 1994.

After graduating from the academy, he patrolled the Downtown Eastside for the next four years. In 1999, he was assigned to the Drug Enforcement and Education Team.

He returned to patrol duties in 2001 where he worked in the downtown core of the city for two years before taking a position with the Integrated Sexual Predator Observation Team. The team monitored sexual offenders after they were released from jail, arrested them if they violated their parole, and stepped in if they seemed likely to re-offend. This was the beginning of many years spent in various covert units.

In 2008, Constable Montague joined the Investigation Section of the Vancouver Police as a detective and acting sergeant with the Identity Theft Unit. He targeted individuals and groups who were responsible for the theft of personal information to impersonate their victims.

Brian's investigative and leadership experience led to a placement with the Integrated Riot Investigation Team. He was one of many detectives tasked to identify, locate, and arrest those responsible for the destruction that occurred in Vancouver after Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup finals.

In May 2012, Constable Montague joined the Community & Public Affairs Section as a Media Relations Officer.

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