The Vancouver Police Board is the employer and governing body of the Vancouver Police Department.  It provides civilian governance and oversight of policing.

Police Board Members

VPD Police Board
From left to right: Mark James, Claire Marshall, Barj Dhahan,
Dr. Sherri Magee, Mayor Gregor Robertson,
Carolyn Askew, Dr. Peter Wong, Thomas Tam

Under British Columbia’s Police Act, the Board consists of the Mayor as Chair; one person appointed by the municipal council; and up to seven people appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Board members are chosen to reflect the demographics of the community.  They are people who have demonstrated that they can act in the community’s best interest.  Each Board member is appointed for a term of up to four years.  They may be re-appointed, but cannot serve for more than six consecutive years.

Watch Vancouver Police Board Meeting

Watch live streaming video from vancouverpolice at livestream.com

Meeting Schedule

Board Meeting Date Time Agenda Meeting
Board Meeting In Camera Meeting *SPCRC**
Next Meeting: Thursday, Feb 25, 2016 at 1:00pm
Location: 7th Floor, 2120 Cambie Street
January 28
1:00 pm Agenda

*  SPCRC - Service & Policy Complaint Review Committee

** Meets, as needed,  immediately following the Board Meeting


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Board Meeting Schedule

2120 Cambie Street
1 pm

(unless otherwise posted)

Feb 25, 2016
Apr 14, 2016
Jun 16, 2016
Jul 21, 2016
Sep 15, 2016
Oct 20, 2016
Nov 24, 2016

Board Annual Report

Board Strategic Plan

Attend Board Meetings

The public is welcome to attend Board meetings.

Speak at Board Meetings

The Board is interested in hearing from advocacy groups or citizens about policing issues which affect the community. For more information, please read the How to Register as a Delegation.

Meeting Agendas/Reports

Meeting Agendas and Reports will be posted on this website two days prior to the meeting date.