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VPD Hiring Exempt Officers


Are you a police officer currently serving with another Canadian police agency who is interested in a career with the leader in Canadian policing? Consider coming over to the Vancouver Police Department.

Candidates who successfully complete all stages of the exemption process do not have to attend Justice Institute of B.C. (JIBC) Police Academy training.

Who qualifies as an exempt officer?

You may be eligible as an exempt candidate if you:

  • are a currently serving member of a Canadian police force who has successfully graduated from their police training

An exemption candidate's application must include:

  • a description of previous police experience, education, and training, supported by certificates, transcripts, or other documentation

At background stage, the following documentation will be requested:

  • a copy of your latest performance appraisal, completed by an NCO
  • two letters of reference from NCOs in your department

British / Commonwealth Citizens: Current serving police officers in Britain or Commonwealth countries DO NOT qualify as exempt officer candidates. You must apply in the same process as our regular member applicants.

What does the exempt officer selection process involve?

If you're currently serving as a police officer in British Columbia, either as a member of a municipal police force or the RCMP, you will go through a streamlined application process with the following steps:

  • physical fitness test (age appropriate)
  • integrity and lifestyle questionaire, as well as a disclosure form specifically for exempt officers
  • intake interview with a member of the Recruiting Unit
  • polygraph examination
  • medical examination
  • sergeant's interview with the NCO i/c Recruiting
  • background investigation

There are a few extra steps for exempt applicants from outside BC. First, we must examine your credentials and receive approval from the Ministry of Attorney General – Police Services Branch to process you as an exempt applicant. Then you must complete the BC Provincial Exemption Exam (regular members of a BC Municipal Police Force who were trained at the JIBC are not required to write this exam).

The BC Provincial Exemption Exam covers the following subjects:

  • legal studies
  • investigation and patrol
  • human relations
  • traffic
  • firearms

Candidates must achieve a mark of 70% in each subject. The department will loan a Recruit Training Manual to the candidate for the purpose of studying for the written Provincial Exemption Exam. All material in the manual is considered important and many of the sections and definitions must be known verbatim. The candidate must have the study material for a minimum of six weeks before the exemption exam is written at the JIBC.

Will my employer find out I've applied to the VPD?

The Recruiting Unit will not contact your home agency until the background investigation, which is the final stage in the exempt application process. You do not need to disclose your application until that time.



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Still Have Questions?

For more information on the experienced officer (exempt) application process, contact Detective Constable Ryan Perry.

Phone: (604) 717-8790

Email: ryan.perry@vpd.ca