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Traffic Authority

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VPD Traffic Authority positions are sworn special municipal constables appointed under the Police Act. Traffic Authority members have restricted peace officer status, but are not police officers. They perform specific authorized duties, primarily directing traffic at public, private, and community events.

Traffic Authority positions are paid, auxiliary / on-call positions coordinated by the Emergency & Operations Planning Section (EOPS) of the Vancouver Police Department. As a Traffic Authority member, you will work varied shifts on an on-call basis. The starting wage is $22.18 per hour.

Traffic Authority members serve with dedication and commitment, upholding the professionalism and standards of the Vancouver Police Department while wearing the uniform with pride and honour. The Traffic Authority position appeals to those who are interested in an auxiliary / on-call job, and who are perhaps considering a career in policing.

A minimum commitment of one year in the unit is required.

Traffic Authority Applicants: Attending one of the VPD's monthly Information Sessions at the Justice Institute of B.C. in New Westminster will provide you with detailed information and you can pick up an application form.


To apply for a position with the Traffic Authority, you must meet the following requirements:

  • excellent character
  • minimum Grade 12 graduation or equivalent (GED)
  • minimum 19 years of age
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • a valid BC Class 5 driver’s license with no restrictions and a good driving history
  • able to pass the Correctional Officer Physical Abilities Test (COPAT)
  • medically fit and able to meet the VPD's visual acuity and hearing standards
  • have no business or employment conflict of interest
  • no criminal convictions for which a record suspension has not been granted and no criminal charges pending
  • meet the selection requirements and background clearance required by the Vancouver Police Department

Selection Process

  • Information Session – attend one of our monthly Information Sessions to pick up an application
  • entrance exam – a score of 50% is required to pass (Sample Written Exam)
  • Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire - documents outlining your personal background
  • Correctional Officer Physical Abilities Test (COPAT)
  • intake interview – conducted by a Recruiting Detective, this includes a review of your Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • polygraph examination
  • medical exam
  • Sergeant's interview
  • background investigation


Applicants selected for a position with the Traffic Authority Unit will complete a formal paid training program over an eight- to ten-week period on evenings and weekends. The training will be conducted at the Vancouver Police Department. Training includes, but is not limited to:

  • legal studies
  • use of force
  • radio procedure
  • traffic intersection control

You will be paid during the training period, and upon successful completion of the training program, you will be sworn in as a Special Municipal Constable, and will then be eligible to work shifts with the Traffic Authority Unit.

Work Duties

Traffic Authority members work outdoors in all weather conditions directing traffic. They are often called upon to work at large events like concerts, sporting events, and the annual Celebration of Light fireworks festival. The nature of the work means a lot of time on your feet and working around vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Work Schedule

There are no set hours for Traffic Authority shifts. You must make yourself available in advance for shifts, but can also tailor your availability around your work or school schedule.


The rate structure is:

Step 1 $22.18
Step 2 $23.95
Step 3 $25.98

A total of 1500 hours of work is required to advance to the next step.


  • uniforms and equipment are supplied
  • uniform cleaning is provided
  • 12% in lieu of benefits
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Apply to Become a VPD Traffic Authority Member

The VPD is accepting applications for Traffic Authority classes (dates to be determined).

Application packages are only available at monthly Recruiting Information Sessions held at the Justice Institute of B.C. in New Westminster.

Chief Constable's Unit Citation - 2010 Olympics

The Traffic Authority played a key role during the 2010 Winter Olympics ensuring the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians in the City of Vancouver. Members of the Traffic Authority were awarded the Chief Constable's Unit Citation for their contribution to the VPD's Olympic efforts.

Recruitment FAQs

See the VPD's Recruitment FAQs for some frequently asked questions (and answers) on our recruitment process.