10th Avenue Corridor Project: past updates

November 2016

Building on what we heard over the last year, we developed a recommended design for 10th Avenue Corridor from:

  • Oak Street to Cambie Street (in the Health Precinct)
  • Quebec Street to Guelph Street
  • Commercial Drive to Victoria Drive

We held public open houses on November 26, 23, 26, and 29 to answer your questions and get feedback on the recommended design. View the open house materials:

July - October 2016

Building on what we heard from you at public open houses held in April, an Accessibility Working Group was created to discuss access in and around the Health Precinct.

View the summary reports from the July 15 and October 13 sessions:

April – May 2016

Building on what we heard from you at public open houses held last fall, we've focused our initial efforts on developing options for the Health Precinct. This includes the part of the 10th Avenue Corridor between Oak and Yukon Streets.

We held public open houses on April 23 and 26 to present three design options for improvements to the 10th Avenue Corridor. Over 160 people attended the events and provided feedback on the options. As well, we asked you what you thought of the design options in an online questionnaire during April 23 to May 15. View the open house information displays:

  1. Welcome, timeline, supporting policy, Health Precinct, what we've heard, and AAA bikeway  (4 MB)
  2. Access and circulation  (3 MB)
  3. Design options  (2 MB)
  4. Uni-directional bikeway option (one-way bike lane on both sides of the street)  (9 MB)
  5. North side bi-directional bikeway option (both bike lanes on the north side of the street)  (7 MB)
  6. South side bi-directional bikeway option (both bike lanes on the south side of the street)  (8 MB)
  7. Next steps  (240 KB)

October – November 2015

We asked for input on how you walk, bike, and drive on the 10th Avenue Corridor:

  • At open houses held on October 29, November 2, and November 7
  • With an online questionnaire from October 29 to November 1

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts. Your feedback will help identify opportunities and challenges to help guide design improvements going forward. We are currently analyzing the feedback and will update you soon. 

View the open house information boards PDF file (7 MB)

July 2015

We held two launch events on July 20 and 26 to hear your thoughts on the 10th Avenue Corridor and Vancouver's bike routes, and share how we're planning to make the Corridor better for you.

Together with Momentum Magazine, we presented the #ThisIsHowWeRollVan photo booth sweepstakes. Participants walked or cycled to the booth, got their photo taken, and entered to win great prizes!