2011 candidates for Mayor

The Mayor leads the City Council.

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Candidate ANTON, Suzanne

Former prosecutor and two-term city councillor, Suzanne Anton is a team builder with the leadership skills to bring people together and make things happen.

Anton brings a common-sense approach to achieving strong neighbourhoods, a prosperous city and an accountable city government.  She puts taxpayers first and never stops listening.

As Mayor, Anton will put the streetcar back on track, encourage the renewal of St. Paul’s hospital, and continue the outstanding NPA record of building partnerships to create social housing in Vancouver.

Anton will rebuild the strong regional, provincial and national relationships necessary to achieve economic prosperity and to create good jobs in Vancouver.

Anton entered politics as an advocate for community, and remains completely committed to having outstanding social, recreation and cultural facilities in Vancouver.

Suzanne Anton is married to Olin, and has 3 adult children. She is a lover of Vancouver’s cultural scene, a cyclist and a gardener.


Phone: 604-873-7248 / 604-633-9992 

Fax: 604-633-9360

Email: suzanne@suzanneanton.ca / suzanne.anton@npavancouver.ca 

Website: suzanneanton.canpavancouver.ca 

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5 time Mayoral candidate. Artist, entertainer MindFreedom Mad Pride activist. Liberty activist & citizen candidate. LUSTing for power; LIBERTY UNITY SATIRE & TRUST. Unity through Liberty, Trust & a sense of humor.

Opposing police state tactics; and no supporter of life, liberty, & property being deprived without due process. No supporter of unwarranted searching even under the mental health act. No political psychiatry tolerable.

Government must be restricted & restrained like an animal. Roads & minimal administration & emergency. If it is not essential why have it done by government? Thanks for Signing my ballot access all.


Phone: 604-437-8744 / 604-374-6307

Email: buday4vancouver@pornstitution.comgolokb@bcindividualist.org

Website: bcindividualist.org​

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CAISSY, MenardRe Party VanCouver is a local party in Van. We have Two Councillors running under RE Name Canada of which there are 1287 Members. I am Menard Caissy born and raised in BC. 
British Columbia is my Province, Canada is where my ancestors started families and family trees. I’ve run Provincially in the West End 09.

We need Corporations to be taxed more than nine per-cent in BC, I’ll raise Business taxes locally as mayor but not Small Business. Forty or Fifty percent of our cheques (I manage All Moving Co) go 
to the Federal Government and their massive breaks to millionaires while poor Citizens in this Country pay for failed projects like the HST, Canada Line, 
now 2% Gas Tax is unacceptable. 52 million for Housing Poor Families / Individuals. 27 Million VPD.


Phone: 778-223-9297

Email: reparty@live.carepartyvan@gmail.com

Website: repartycanada.blogspot.com​

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My name is Lloyd Alan Cooke. I was born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia in 1957. Living in rural Atlantic Canada was quite a hardship for us so we moved to Ontario in 1960.

My father, Cecil got a job sailing merchant ships on the great lakes and later at INCO in Port Colbourn.

Being raised in small cities in Ontario, I decided to work out west so I started then in 1980 to install cable TV out of Edmonton and I transferred then to VANCOUVER.

I have fallen in love with VANCOUVER. The people, the climate, and would be HONOURED if the people wish for me to serve, I’ll serve you WITH ALL MY HEART.


Phone: 604-482-3700

E-mail: Misterffoeg@hotmail.co

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DUBGEEDubgee is a single dad, youth mentor and musician. from East Vancouver.  His working class family roots have been part of the Little Mountain and Commercial Drive area since the 1970's. After becoming a father and enrolling his son in the same neighbourhood school that he attended as a child, he joined the Parent Advisory Committee and began working with youth in after school programs. Combining his two passions of music and youth advocacy, Dubgee soon began to facilitate hip hop empowerment workshops in order to help youth vent their frustrations through music.

While working with youth, Dubgee observed the conditions that affected East Vancouver schools and became increasingly frustrated with budget cuts to education and civic spending habits.  He became vocal about his concerns by joining community marches, and rallies and through his Music has decided to be the change he is so vocal about.


Phone: 778-869-2582

Email: dubgeeformayor@gmail.com

Website: dubgeeformayor.blogspot.com 

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Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV)

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Randy Helten envisions Vancouver as a leading twenty-first century city-sustainable in every way, including socially, environmentally, and economically.

With a commerce degree from UBC he spent over a decade in Japan, gaining experience from corporate strategy to radio DJ, environmental and human rights activist to administrator, language interpreter to work at an inter-governmental agency and negotiation conferences.

In Vancouver, he founded CityHallWatch and MetroVanWatch to empower citizens' ability to engage civic and regional governments. Randy speaks some French and is self-employed as a Japanese-English freelance translator on environment, climate, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. He has worked locally in the West End community for schools, emergency preparedness, food growing and security, and neighbourhood-based community planning. He has travelled to many countries and realizes the uniqueness of our city and society.

Randy believes that a good government is accountable and transparent, and balances equitably the interests of all stakeholders.


Website: nsvancouver.ca​

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LAWRANCE, RobinIn 2010 Mr Robin Lawrance Runing in the City of Ottawa Election for the Officer of MAYOR and I did not win at this time and I put out $500.00 and this time was not good for Mr Robin Lawrance. So I am in Election for the Office of MAYOR in the City of Vancouver BC. on November 19th, 2011 and I Mr Robin Lawrance will win this Election and be Come your new MAYOR on November 19th, 2011. At this Time I am going all the way to win and be your MAYOR in the City of Vancouver.


Email: robinlawrance78@yahoo.ca


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Vancouver Citizen’s Voice

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I was born in Quesnel,BC, raised in and around Vancouver, where I’ve been a resident since 1991.

Housing and homelessness-Temporary shelters have been a positive step. I’m also calling for a surtax on unoccupied residences to finance housing initiatives and free up stock.

No more surprise votes on critical issues.

I am a strong advocate of a partial ward system, for increasing neighbourhood representation.

I stand for sustainable development,not highrise paybacks to campaign donors.

Cycling safety-ICBC shows cycling accidents increasing. It’s time for a Shared Space redo for safer bike lanes.

As Mayor, I will take a responsible approach to spending while ensuring that your priority services and programs will be properly funded. I pledge to be there for you through rain and snow, and will lead Council to govern for all Vancouverites.

When it’s time to vote, rock the boat!


Phone: 604-682-0188 / 604-961-9123

Email: info@vcvoice.ca

Website: vcvoice.ca 

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Lack of leadership, self serving agendas of associations and the arrogant attitudes towards Vancouver citizens, require another system of governance. I will introduce discussions to implement a ward system. The recent history of our police force dictates that we establish a civilian overview of policing issues. I propose that all sports/entertainment events pay for special policing resources.

Historically, civic administrations have alienated citizens inside and outside our community with parking meters in our parks. I will work to remove these meters and return our parks to the people. I would also encourage our council to forgo meter expenses on Sundays.

I am a retired teacher, not a politician, running as an independent candidate, with no affiliations to unions, associations, developers or any other special interest groups.


Phone: 604-488-1314

Email: vb_paquette@shaw.ca 

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My name is Samuel Pelletier and I am honoured to be running for mayor of Vancouver. I have diverse experience in several industries including health and mining. I now run a small business and own a condo in this great city. I am running because of a serious stagnation in this city; an inability to appeal to many young voters. Our system is dominated by a fiercely pro-business right and a sanctimonious, impractical left. I am bringing a fresh, innovative set of policies to the table.

Police officers need monitoring at all times while on duty. Subsidized housing for full-time students. Churches should pay the same property taxes as everyone. Both marijuana and prostitution should be decriminalised and taxed. These policies and others will provide discussion and hopefully invigorate an unfairly neglected voting demographic. Live long and prosper.


Phone: 778-989-5245

Email: unclesam08@hotmail.com

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Vision Vancouver

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Gregor Robertson Gregor Robertson was elected Mayor of Vancouver in November 2008.

Before entering politics, Gregor was a successful entrepreneur. The founder and former CEO of Happy Planet Foods, Gregor was named one of Canada’s “Top 40 under 40” by The Globe and Mail in 2003.

Mayor Robertson has taken action on affordable housing and homelessness, leading to the first year-over-year drop in homelessness in over a decade. He is strongly committed to environmental issues, and the city’s Greenest City 2020 Plan has set ambitious targets for climate protection, transportation and food security. Under Mayor Robertson, Corporate Knights ranked Vancouver as Canada’s most sustainable city and BC Business magazine named the City the most innovative organization in the province.

Gregor and his wife Amy have four children and live in Douglas Park. He is an avid soccer, hockey, and live music fan, and can be seen around town playing his tuba or drums.


Phone: 604-568-6913

Fax: 604-568-6913

Email: gregor.robertson@votevision.ca

Website: http://www.votevision.ca/gregor_robertson


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