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Understanding the budget

2018 Budget
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2018 Budget Highlights
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Our annual budget and five-year financial plan are made up of operating and capital budgets, department service plans, and a consolidated budget.

Operating budget

The operating budget sets the spending targets for the general operation of the city. 

Capital Budget

Capital Strategic Outlook

Our Capital Strategic Outlook provides a 10-year strategy that: 

  • Lays the foundation for its long-term service and financial planning

  • Guides capital investments for both existing and new assets
  • Informs and streamlines the process for capital planning

Read the Capital Strategic Outlook for 2012-2021  (2.2 MB)

Capital plan

The Capital Plan sets out the funding strategy for executing the capital investment priorities over the four years of the plan through the annual capital budgeting process.

The four-year plan shapes our long-term service and financial planning, whereas the Capital Budget details the Council-authorized funding and spending.

Learn more about the Capital Plan

Capital budgeting

The budgeting process strikes a strategic balance among the City’s needs to:

  • Maintain facilities and infrastructure in an appropriate state of repair
  • Optimize networks of amenities to best serve residents, businesses, and people who visit and work here
  • Advance Council and City priorities within the City’s long-term financial capacity.

Annual capital budget

The annual capital budget provides the authority to proceed with specific capital projects. It defines both the Multi-Year Capital Project Budget and the Annual Capital Expenditure Budget for all approved work.

Important in fostering and maintaining public accountability and transparency, the Council-approved Capital Budget provides detailed information about specific capital projects, such as funding sources and outcomes.

Capital Expenditures Chart

Consolidated budget

We are providing consolidated budget information as a component of the annual budget and continually seek to enhance our financial information to improve accountability, transparency, and the general usefulness of the information.