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Understanding the budget

2017 Budget
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2017 Budget highlights
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Our annual budget and five-year financial plan are made up of operating and capital budgets, department service plans, and a consolidated budget.

Operating budget

The operating budget sets the spending targets for the general operation of the city. 

As the year progresses, expenditure plans may be adjusted to compensate for unexpected events.

Capital budget

The annual Capital Budget provides funding for creating and sustaining City-owned infrastructure. Examples include road repair, bridge upgrades, and replacement of water and sewer pipes.

Renewing and expanding City infrastructure is an investment in Vancouver’s future. Extending the operating life of City assets is also a way to achieve better value for money.

Our capital program consists of a:

  • 10-year strategic outlook
  • Four-year plan
  • 2017 annual budget

Capital and strategic outlook

Capital plan

Capital Expenditures Chart

Consolidated budget

We are providing consolidated budget information as a component of the annual budget and continually seek to enhance our financial information to improve accountability, transparency, and the general usefulness of the information.