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Election employment opportunities

Key dates

  1.  May 1 Applications open
  2.  Jun 30 PEO and APEO
    applications close
  3.  Jul 27 RC and RO
    applications close
  4.  Aug 8 VC applications

Who should apply

We rely on over 1,500 members of the community to help deliver election services.

If you enjoy working with the public and on a team, please apply. 

Due to the volume of applications received, only successful applicants will be contacted.

Students wanted!

We welcome applications from grade 11, 12, and post-secondary students.

Work dates

You must be able to:

  • Commit a few hours to training; and 
  • Work on election day
Mandatory: training session
Held between Sep 8 and Oct 4
Optional: advance voting
Oct 10 to 17 from 7am to 10pm
Mandatory: election day
Oct 20 from 7am to 10pm

Election worker job descriptions

You must be legally entitled to work in BC to apply for all election jobs.

Select the plus sign to view details on the position you are interested in.

Job description

The PEO:

  • Ensures the integrity of the vote at the assigned location 
  • Supervises and oversees staff at the voting place on Election Day
  • Ensures voting procedures are followed correctly, voting places are safe and accessible, and results are reported to the Chief Election Officer at the end of the initial count
  • Is responsible for problem solving and managing issues related to voters, media, candidate representatives (scrutineers), and election officials in the assigned location(s)  

Read the full job description for Presiding Election Official (PEO)  (101 KB)

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Job description


  • Directly assists the Presiding Election Official (PEO) and in the PEO’s absence, the APEO assumes the duties and responsibilities of the PEO
  • Assists with the setup of the voting location and registration of voters, and ensures campaign restrictions are observed on voting day 

Read the full job description for Alternate Presiding Election Official (APEO)  (95 KB)

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Job description

The RC:

  • Manages complex and advance administration of voting at the assigned location
  • Adds new registrations into the electronic voters list and issues ballots
  • Assists voters who need additional assistance
  • Ensures eligible voters meet eligibility requirements and are processed in a timely fashion

Read the full job description for the Registration Clerk (RC)  (95 KB)

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Job description

The RO:

  • Ensures all personal identification documentation requirements are met
  • Registers and records voters using a voter’s list database (must have intermediate computer skills)
  • Demonstrates to voters how to complete a ballot
  • Ensures voters receive good service and are able to place their vote in a timely fashion

Read the full job description for Registration Official (RO)  (95 KB)

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Job description

The VC:

  • Greets and assists voters in navigating the voting place
  • Assists voters in feeding ballots through the ballot tabulator
  • Ensures voters receive good service and are able to place their vote in a timely fashion
  • May be assigned one or more roles as Greeter and/or Ballot Machine Attendant

Read the full job description for Voting Coordinator (VC)  (87 KB)

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