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Key investments

We consulted with residents and businesses and heard back about your most important issues and preferences for City spending. That input was used to identify the following priorities:
  • Address housing supply, affordability, and critical social issues
  • Improve service and maintain and upgrade streets, utilities and facilities
  • Continue to build vibrant communities
  • Increase investments in public safety  

How the budget benefits you

Find out in the profiles below how the budget benefits you.

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Read more details about how we are funding services and programs that are important to you in our draft 2018 Budget Highlights.

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Vulnerable individuals




Key operating investments for 2018

We regularly realign existing resources and spending levels in response to changes in demand for valued services and to changes in priorities over time. Where necessary, and where informed by feedback from public consultation, we make new investments in emerging priorities.

The 2018 Operating Budget includes $34.7 million in new investments, funded from sources such as property taxes, user fees and utility fees, and internal reprioritization across the organization. These investments are needed both to make progress on the core issues in our city and to ensure the services most valued by our residents and businesses are improved.

Funding for these investments have been partially offset by internal costs savings (without service impacts), new fees, and increased revenue from some existing fees.

  • $6.1 million for additional staffing to reduce wait times for development permits, including $0.9 million to expedite affordable housing approvals
  • $5.8 million for planning for growth and addressing housing affordability, implementation of Empty Homes Tax, regulating Short-Term Rentals, and reviewing existing City regulations and licensing
  • $4.1 million to maintain and improve public safety, including the addition of more police officers and maintenance of modern firefighting equipment
  • $3.4 million for additional resources to respond to homelessness and opioid crisis, including the City's contribution to a new Indigenous Healing and Wellness Centre, a drug containment facility, additional micro-cleaning grants, expanded access to leisure access program, a Reconciliation Coordinator in Parks Board, and improved process for non-profit organizations leasing city facilities and increased social grants
  • $2.8 million for improved safety and security at City facilities and parks
  • $2.5 million for utilities investments to repair aging infrastructure, maintain equipment, and support the One Water Strategy
  • $2.3 million for planning and consultation for vibrant communities (including People for Places Downtown, Civic health hub, Waterfront hub, Vancouver economy and employment lands)
  • $0.6 million increase to arts and culture grants including grants to support the Creative City Strategy

In addition, the Council approved $2.45 million funding for implementation of the Council-approved Housing Vancouver strategy; support for priority actions regarding Historical Discrimination Against Chinese People in Vancouver, including the Chinatown UNESCO Bid; additional social grants; and an added investment to help reduce development permit wait times.

Key capital investments for 2018

Affordable housing: $46.3 million

Utilities and transportation: $187.7 million 

Parks, open spaces, and recreation: $64.7 million

Civic and community facilities: $58.3 million

Equipment and technology: $39.0 million

Childcare: $24.2 million