Types of signs

Business signs

The Sign Bylaw primarily regulates the signs that businesses use to identify their location and services.

Advertising Signs

In addition, the bylaw regulates some advertising signs on private property.

Third-party advertising refers to signs that advertise or promote products or services that are not sold, produced, or provided on the premises or lot on which the sign is located. This includes paper billboards and some third-party advertising on digital signs.

Many of Vancouver's digital billboards are located on land that is not under our jurisdiction (e.g. BC Place, First Nations land near Burrard Bridge, Port of Vancouver).

New Signs

We are considering including and providing regulations for these new sign types in the updated Sign Bylaw.

Awning signs

Under awning signs

Canopy signs

Under-canopy signs

Fascia signs

Free standing signs

Mansard roof signs

Marquee signs

Manual changeable copy signs

Moving signs

Projecting signs

Automatic changeable copy signs

Sign in conjunction with a mural

Banner signs

Directional signs

Election signs

Hoarding signs

Real estate signs

Electronic static

Electronic video

Window signs

Projected image signs

Mural acknowledgement signs

Temporary signs

Sandwich board signs


Site-specific 3rd party digital advertising

Corporate sponsorship