Sign Bylaw 6510

This bylaw applies to all signs on any property other than streets, lanes, or public parks, and to all signs encroaching over a street or lane.

When you don't need a sign permit

The Sign Bylaw does not apply to signs located inside a building and not visible or intended to be visible from any street.

Types of signs that you can use to advertise your business

Section 10 of the bylaw describes the specifications for the following permitted signs:

  • Awing signs
  • Under-awning signs
  • Billboards
  • Canopy signs
  • Under-canopy signs
  • Facia signs
  • Free-standing signs
  • Mansard roof signs
  • Marquee signs
  • Parking lot advertising signs
  • Projecting signs

This electronic version is amended up to November 29, 2016.

(Note to subscribers: The most recent paper update is amended up to January 1, 2014. Subsequent amendments which may appear in this electronic consolidation will be included in a future update package.)

Explanation of amendments since January 1, 2015

  • New fees for 2017 are outlined in the updated version of Section 13  (20 KB) and will take effect January 1, 2017. Prior to the new fees coming into effect, refer to the 2016 version of Section 13  (20 KB).
  • Schedule E (93 KB) - Comprehensive Development Areas, is updated periodically with newly enacted CD-1 sites
  • Appendix A (39 KB) is revised to include amending bylaw numbers





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