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Arts and culture event licence

Host events at your location up to 6 days per month, various safety requirements apply depending on the number of days and size of your venue.

In October 2023, City Council unanimously approved changes to the arts and culture event licence. These changes offer opportunities for the arts and culture industry to expand and enhance their creative endeavours. 

The arts and culture event licence makes it easier to host pop-up performances in unconventional spaces, including:

  • Studios
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Offices 
  • Shops
  • Wholesale spaces 
  • Adjoining outdoor space 

Licence requirements

We welcome your application if your event meets these requirements.

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services will review your space and determine the maximum number of people that can safely attend your event. 

Steps to getting an arts and culture event licence

Information guide

Download the information guide (93 KB)

Apply to the arts event coordinator

Phone: 604-873-7954

Questions about the licence?

Cultural Spaces and Infrastructure Team, Cultural Services