Awning permit

All awnings in Vancouver require permits. If the awning is installed on the outside of commercial or industrial buildings, at the level of the first floor or below, you will need an awning permit. Awnings on other types of buildings (including private homes), or higher than the first floor, will require a development permit and/or a building permit.

  • If the property is on the Vancouver Heritage Register, a heritage alteration permit is also needed. You do not need to apply for this permit. Heritage department staff will review your application and, if it qualifies, will issue the permit.
  • If you want to light your awning, you will need to apply for an electrical permit separately. You can apply for the electrical permit at the same time as the awning permit.
  • If you want to hang a sign underneath your awning, you will need a separate sign permit for that. 


Basic requirements

To apply for an awning permit, you need to submit:

  • A completed application form
  • An unaltered photo of the building elevation or property frontage where you want the awning to go
  • Drawings, to scale, showing the proposed copy (text) and artwork for each face (side) of the awning
  • Structural engineer's drawings

The information sheet has specific requirements for these drawings.

Additional requirements

We may require additional information if you are applying for a permit for these types of signs:

  • All fixed-frame and retractable awnings
  • All awnings weighing more than 200 pounds (91 kilograms)
  • Any other signs where City staff are concerned with the structural integrity of the sign
  • Download the application form (127 KB)

Process and timeline

Register for an online account and submit your application

If your application is complete and falls within the requirements of the by-law, your permit will be issued once all of the documents are reviewed. Document review usually takes about 1 week.


Awning permit fee: $291