Bids supplier portal

What you need to know

We’ve moved to an online portal to post public procurement opportunities, and to allow submission of tenders, proposals, bids, and responses by our valued suppliers and service providers.

Register your business profile

Register your business profile so you can:

  • Submit proposals, bids, and tenders
  • Receive notifications about procurement opportunities
  • Submit responses to our procurement opportunities
  • View procurement documents
  • Indicate intention to bid
  • Answer questionnaires
  • Submit confidential pricing
  • Ask questions and receive answers from us

Enter your business details once; no need to enter your details for every proposal, tender, or response to procurement opportunity you respond to.

Maintain or update your business profile at anytime to ensure competitiveness during competitions and readiness for purchase and payment transactions.

Go to the supplier portal

After you've made a submission

  • Update, revise, or withdraw your submissions online at anytime prior to the closing date.
  • View the status and results of procurement opportunities from open, close, under evaluation, and awarded.
  • Communicate directly and confidentially with our buyers using the Question and Answer (Q&A) Board provided within each procurement opportunity.

Get started

We've made a few how-to guides to help you navigate our system.