Business Communications and Support Office

COVID-19 and economic recovery information and resources

We recognize the difficulties to businesses caused by COVID-19 and are committed to helping them weather and recover from the crisis. 

Review COVID-19 and economic recovery information and resources for more information on economic recovery and pandemic supports.

How to reach us

Fill out our business support enquiry form

If you are a local business owner and need further information or assistance, contact the Business Communications and Support Office (BCSO) through the business support enquiry form. 

The Business Communications and Support Office (BSCO) is a single point of contact for Vancouver’s local business owners to:

  • Learn about our services, programs, and initiatives to support businesses 
  • Make suggestions to us about business and the economy 
  • Request information and assistance
  • Get information about COVID-19 and economic recovery business supports, information, and initiatives

City services and programs to support businesses

Provincial and federal programs for businesses

Review elected programs to help small businesses hire staff, transition online, or participate in federal training programs. 

Other organizations that support small businesses

Review information on other organizations that help small businesses or have resources that are relevant to small businesses.