Commercial businesses permits

Find out what kind of permits you might be required to have to do business in Vancouver.

Temporary Expedited Patio Program (TEPP)

To support business recovery due to COVID-19, we have created an expedited patio permit. Businesses can quickly apply to convert on-street parking or sidewalk spaces into temporary patios. 

  The Temporary Expedited Patio Program doesn't apply to complex patios or any patio that doesn't fall within the program.

Review the steps and apply for a TEPP permit 

Awning permit

Awnings in Vancouver require a permit under the Sign Bylaw. Read the requirements, view the bylaw, and download the application for an awning permit.

Building permit for kitchen ventilation

Businesses with commercial kitchens need City-approved kitchen ventilation and fire protection systems to safely remove greasy vapours.

Occupant load permit

The permit indicates how many people, maximum, can safely use a gathering space such as a restaurant or assembly hall. Learn more and apply.

Patio permit

Restaurant or cafes can get a patio permit. Permits are available for a patio located on a sidewalk or on your establishment's property.

Produce and flower displays permit

Permit to set up produce and flower arrangements outside existing businesses.

Sign permit

Signs, including painted signs, require a permit under the Sign By-law. Read the requirements, view the by-law, and download the application.

Wastewater discharge permit

This permit regulates the amount and quality of industrial wastewater that businesses may discharge into City sewers.

Information for businesses

Electrical permit

You will need an electrical permit to perform most electrical work except for replacing switches, bulbs, and making minor repairs to an installation covered by an existing annual electrical permit.

Renovate a small business space

Find out how we can help small business owners plan a renovation, move, or start a business.

Starting or expanding a small business

Key resources to to help you start or expand your business in Vancouver.