Event grants

Find out about grants and subsidies available for events in Vancouver

If you are planning an event in Vancouver, you may qualify for grants or subsidies to off-set the costs of running an event. The following grants and subsidies are currently available:

Celebration Grants Program

The Celebration Grants Program offers financial assistance to cultural events such as community-based festivals, cultural celebrations and large parades in the city of Vancouver. Applications are typically received twice per year (in the spring and in the fall).

For more information, contact the Office of Cultural Affairs.

Grant to offset policing costs

The Vancouver Police Department may offer a $500 grant to non-profit organizations and events to offset policing costs incurred during a special event. Event organizers must go through the standard application process and meet with the FEST Committee to qualify for the grant.

Transit Shelter Advertising Program

The Transit Shelter Advertising Program  offers Vancouver-based arts, culture and community service non-profit groups the opportunity to advertise their events in local transit shelters .

You are responsible for the printing costs of your posters, and the program requires a lead time of 4 months. For more information, see the page view details on the Transit Shelter Advertising Program page, or contact the Office of Cultural Affairs.