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Garbage and recycling haulers

Find garbage and recycling haulers in the Yellow Pages business directory.

If your business only needs to recycle small quantities, you can take items to a depot, return items to where you bought them, or donate items.

Find out where to recycle packaging, printed paper, scrap metal, large appliances, batteries, electronics, paint, and more using the Waste Wizard

Food scraps haulers

As of January 1, 2015, both the City of Vancouver and Metro Vancouver regional district ban food scraps from disposal as garbage.

All food scraps – raw and cooked food, plate scrapings, leftovers, expired food, meat, bones, and dairy products – need to be recycled.

Here are tips to finding a food scraps hauler for your business.

Recycle food scraps yourself

Recycle food scraps at your building or business on-site

Learn how to recycle food scraps at your multi-unit residential building or business.