Food scraps container permit: what you need to know

We are working with properties to minimize the number of food scraps containers stored on City property.

Before you apply to store a food scraps container on City property for your multi-unit residence, mixed-used building, or food-related business, take the following steps to see if there is a way to reduce your food scraps, better manage food scraps and collection, and find space for containers on your property.

Step 1: can you reduce your food scraps?

Find out how much food scraps your property produces and how to reduce that number.

Step 2: can you manage food scraps and collection better?

Improve how you manage food scraps, including how often it's collected.

Step 3: can you make space on your property for containers?

Consider whether you can use indoor, outdoor, or parking space for food scraps containers.

Still need to store a container on public property?

If you determine that you still need to store a food scraps container on City property, review how to get a permit.