Hired trucking services

Hired Trucking Services

Our Engineering branches (Sewer, Waterworks, and Streets) utilize an external hired fleet of vendor dump trucks for the primary purpose of bringing in new aggregate and asphalt, and hauling away rubble or spoils from worksites 

We have a certain number of companies that work for a branch on a regular basis from an approved supplier list.

These companies are placed on a branch list and their performance is ranked.

Trucking services and suppliers

Vehicle requirements and services agreement

Find our general requirements for trucking services suppliers, as well as the trucking and haulage services agreement form.

Lists and ranking of hired service providers

Find the current branch list of truck and hauling service suppliers and their hiring rank.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct sets the minimum performance standards for the City of Vancouver's Ethical Purchasing Policy.

Evalutations and appeals

How we evaluate performance

We work to ensure that the evaluation system we use for hired trucker rankings is as open, transparent, and trusted as possible.

Appeal your evaluation

The City wants to ensure that trucking and hauling service providers are treated fairly, that they have the opportunity to understand the reason for their ranking through assessments, and to bring forward their concerns through the following appeal process.

Provide trucking services to the City of Vancouver

The City is not accepting applications for trucking services at this time.