Neighbourhood impact plan

Very crowded area at an outdoor event

Neighbourhood impact plans describe the steps you must take to minimize the impact on the area around your event. 

Things to consider

  • Should you meet with community groups to discuss your event and possible ways of minimizing impact on the neighbourhood? If not, how will you inform the community about your plans and how your event may affect the community?
  • Can you foresee specific areas of programming that will affect the neighbourhood adversely? How can you minimize those effects?
  • Have you considered your hours of operation and how they will affect the surrounding areas?
  • How might your event affect traffic patterns in the surrounding area and what can you do to minimize the impact on local residents and businesses?
  • How will your set-up and take down affect the surrounding areas?
  • How will you minimize the noise created by your event (including set-up and takedown)
  • Who can the neighbourhood contact if there is a problem? How will you notify the neighbourhood of any contact numbers for your event? Include our contact information in any notification to the community

NOTE: This is not a definitive list and you are responsible for addressing neighbourhood concerns.

As well, the FEST committee may require more information. You are responsible for providing information to the satisfaction of the FEST committee.

Specific requirements

Describe the steps you have taken to minimize the impact on the neighbourhood surrounding your event. One of those steps must be to notify residents and/or merchants affected by your event.

You must let them know:

  • When your event is (start time / day and end time / day)
  • Where your event is (including the route, if it a run, parade, march or similar event)
  • What traffic disruptions there will be (if any)
  • What parking restrictions there will be (if any)
  • Your contact information

On the first page of your plan, please include the name and date of your event, your email address, and your contact phone number.

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