People using a quadricycle on street

Quadricycle tours

When a quadricycle can be operated

Quadricycles may be operated on pre-approved routes and only operate:

  • Weekdays and Saturdays: 7am to 10pm 
  • Sundays and Holidays: 10am to 10pm 

Quadricycles are non-motorized, self-propelled four-wheeled cycles with two or more sets of pedals that can transport groups of people on pre-approved or designated road routes. 

 Consumption of liquor and/or cannabis is prohibited on quadricycles per Provincial Liquor Control and Licensing Act

Requirements and fees

Apply to operate

Quadricycle drivers and passengers are not required to wear helmets under the BC Bicycle Safety Helmet Exemption Regulation

Contact the vehicles for hire inspector

Phone: 604-873-7555

Contact the Licence Office

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