Safety and security plan

First aid and safety classes in Vancouver community centres

Safety plans describe the steps you will take to prevent emergencies at your event, and the steps you will take to handle emergencies if they occur.

Things to consider

It is vital that you, the event organizer, determine the best approach for safety & emergency preparedness, but here are some things to consider:

  • Who will be providing first aid for your event?
  • How have you minimized risks at your event to decrease the possibility of an emergency?
  • How will emergency vehicles get to an emergency at your event? If you are restricting access to your event area, are you eliminating any normal access routes to either your event or other areas that might need emergency services during your event (apartment buildings, etc.)?
  • Do you have a site map that identifies your event layout and emergency access points?
  • Who will take charge in an emergency? You should clearly identify someone who will be the primary person in charge in the event of an emergency, at least until professional emergency services arrive. Who else would be available if that primary person is incapacitated or unavailable?
  • What resources could you call on in an emergency situation?

The more you think about what could happen, the better you will be prepared and the smoother things will go.

NOTE: This is not a definitive list and you are responsible for being prepared for any emergencies that may occur during your event. 

As well, the FEST committee may require more information. You are responsible for providing information to the satisfaction of the FEST committee.

Specific requirements

Describe the steps you will take to prevent emergencies at your event, and the steps you will take to handle emergencies if they occur. Specifically, describe:

  • How you would handle an emergency.
  • How you are prepared for an emergency
  • Where are the muster points you have set.
  • The possible locations for key staff to meet to manage an emergency situation.
  • How you will communicate with your event staff in an emergency situation.

Once we review your application, we may require a more comprehensive plan.

On the first page of your plan, include the name and date of your event, your email address, and your contact phone number.

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